January 27th, 2006


Fan question.

Working on my first head right now and it's nearing it's completion, however, I'm about whether it's possible to put some sort of fan in the head that I can use without having to do any soldering (because I know squat about that stuff nor have the tools to do so). I just need to get a bit more airflow into the head so it doesn't feel stuffy.

So basically, any easy ways for head cooling that a soldering-dumb girl could do?

Thanks ^_^
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Before and After

Someone on the list asked me to post pictures of the heads I was working on post-airbrushing. I don't have a pic of all of them, but here's what the Leopard looked like after airbrushing. Not the best photos all around, but it gives you an idea about how airbrushing changes not only the look but the attitude of a character.


Please put Quote Requests at FursuitAuctions, not here

Hello all,
Lately I have seen a LOT of "I WANT A QUOTE FOR THIS CHARACTER" or "I WANT TO SELL THINGS" posts on this community. They do not belong here as this community is how to build suits, not sell/buy them, that is what LJ FursuitAuctions is for.

Please, put them on http://community.livejournal.com/fursuitauctions/profile

I will be removing those posts on this community shortly.

Thank you