January 28th, 2006

Evil Grin

Reworked Bunny head

I took a lot of the suggestions from my last post and made the muzzle a lot smaller and protude from my head more, giving the mask a less blocky look.

I also added some foam around the eyes to give the shape of the mask a more determined and angry look.

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I am going to set to work this weekend on the eyes. I think I am going to use the the Plastic Bowl eye method for my eyes.

If any one knows of any other method that might be better for making the eyes let me know. Also critques on the foaming are apperciated, though I think I am probably going to proceed at this point onto the next step unless some more minor modifications are made. I think if I overhall any mroe of the shape, I am going to ruin the mask, and I am really pleased with the way it looks right now. But feed back of any sort is apperciated of course.

Thanks in advance
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New tutorial up on Matrices.net: Maskmaking with Foam!

Hey guys! Its been a while since I've posted to this community, but I've had a lack of internet access for a few months. So I've taken the oppertunity to give my site a much needed update with a new tuorial page!

Maskmaking with Foam

It details the construction of this, my newest concoction of canine cartoonyness:

I decided to attempt an all-foam construction method for the base, and I whipped that up in 3 days using only foam & hot glue.
I also attempted to get it to fit my drawing style to a T, which I think I was successful with, but I'll find out after I'm done furring it.

Speaking of furring it, please help me think up a good color combination for this guy. At this point his species is open to interpretation (generic canine currently fits the bill) but I need some feedback on what furcolors to pursue to finish the little guy off.
I have lots of fur in my stockpiles, I'm just looking for ideas on facemarkings, furpatterns, and color schemes to go with him. So any suggestions and ideas will be wonderful!
Pictures and links to pictures are also appreciated and will help give me a better idea.


Hi everyone! Like matrice's tutorial, i was very happy to see it, and i WILL try it, but any advice on makeing a lion head like this with just foam and fur?
but i would see out of the mouth, and a big mane, but it would only go to the neck, not waist. How could i do that?
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kuroseishin - Looking up

Question on Originality.

When I make a suit, or tail, I try to use techniques I've never seen before to accomodate for A)Comfort (I wear glasses and can't wear contacts, makes it difficult to wear a fursuit if'n ya can't see) B)Quick, but sturdy and reliable construction. and C)Just plain originality.
You know, when you get the idea of, "Wouldn't it be just plain awesome if someone did this!?"

So my question is, is there a site on the web with a large index of peoples' fursuits out there? Perhaps specifically unusual ones?
So I don't go making a triple-headed Cerberus just to find out someone thinks I'm copying them?
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