January 29th, 2006

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Fur or Eyes first ?

Well i think I am ready to proceed to the next step. I fixed up the ears on my bunny. Unfortately I don't have any way of taking picture because I don't have any fresh batteries about to run my power hungry digital camera.
So I am curious about what I should proceed with next. Should I go to furring or do the eyes first? Thank you in advance for your suggestions.
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Muscle suits

A quick question; I'll be building a muscled under suit for the torso of a costume I'm working on at the moment, and I'd like to know how people who've done this before attached the fur. I'm familiar with the construction of the muscles, just foam over a shirt over a Duct tape dummy, but when it comes to furring, there seem to me to be several ways to approach it, none of them ideal. on the front and arms, the fur will need to be glued or stitched into place to keep the definition, but this obviously creates issues with the side seams; would I sew the fur into a kind of "shirt" foirst, then work underneath to glue it into the crevices? glue the front and back and work the side seams from the top? How about creating the fur pattern? I'm stumped

again, I'd prefer to hear from people who've actually made these things and know how they work from first hand experience, as I said I've plenty of ideas, I need to know what works in real life.
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Slim pickings and a Question!

I'm in the process of yet another fursuit-for-anime-convention-use project. This time being Falco Lombardi and Fox McCloud, twin costume/cosplays for my friend and I to wear. We're using the old SNES game versions rather then the newer 64/GC ones, so lots of reference to the original models they built and the comic.

Firstly the question:
I'm having alot of trouble figuring out Falcos beak. I'd like it to be a rigid material, but I'm trying to lean away from using papermache [I'll use it if nothing else comes up]. I have the beak made and carved out of foam already [one photo under the cut], but everything I've used on it has pretty much failed. The plati-dip I was hoping would work gets absorbed too much into the foam. So I attempted to cover it in tape, then use the plasti-dip, but the plasti-dip ate through the tapes stickystuff and peeled off in an hour. The second attempt I used was to heat-form foamie sheets over the carved foam beak and put the plasti-dip onto that. The foamie again absorbed too much of the plastidip instead of taking hold. A friend mentioned that I should try to seal the foamie with a atered down glue, then coat in platidip again. Another route I could take would be to use a fabric, ala growlys duck dodger costume, or the recent hippogryph that chapeljax made.
I'm looking for other experiances and suggestions anyone of you may have. We're on pretty rigid time restrictions to have these done by the convention, and the beak is the only thing holding me back. :3

Now onward to some silly photos! Just work in progress foam-on-balaclava stuff right now. Very simple.
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lion head construction

Hi, i read the post before me about fur and i wanted to know, how do you make a lion's head from mesh like her's but using a bit of Growly's tutorial. And my lion is a male, with a big mane, so is there any mesh/foam i would need to add to make a mane look when furring? And how would that change my pattern when furring with a mane if at all? And my lion is going to look realistic, so does anyone know where i can get that fur she used and the same eyes? And how did she make the nose? it look sgreat and i want that on my head. Thanks!

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Unknown Fursuit

I was looking through some of my fursuit images I had saved and I found a picture of a really fuzzy rabbit. But, the picture is from behind, and I can't find any pictures of the suit from the front. Could anyone help me? The picture's behind the cut.

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Anyone know these suits?

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I simply love how formfitting they are, even in high flex areas like the knees and arms. Any idea how this was done or could be done?

I am assuming they have an under/muscle suit. Either that or it is a very stretchy type of fur.
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Looking for a material review

Hey all,
I am thinking about purchasing some "Celluclay" for an upcoming mask. Has anyone here ever used it before? I believe it is the stuff that Miss Monster used for her mask. Any information would be appreciated. What I am really looking for are reviews. How easy was it to work with? How long did it take to set? How durable is the stuff? Does it shrink or warp? Chip? How heavy is is? If I make a mask with this stuff, am I going to be happy with the durability of my results?

Here is a link to the material itself:

Here is the costume that I am planning on using it:

The face and horns would be Celluclay assuming it is a good material in which to work.

Thanks all!

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