January 30th, 2006

Tony Stark - FIERCE

Next project!

So I finally decided to try my hands at using a balaclava based mask, and boy, does it go a -ton- faster than building one of the plastic mesh bases! Here's what I've got done so far; the ears are finished as well, and I'll fur and add them to the head when I get home from work.

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I also need to get started on the bodysuit at some point, hopefully by Wednesday. I've got 5 months left to finish this fullsuit but I think I'll be fine. :)
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Kamio+ from SNK's Cool Cool Toon

Small intro, and homemade balaclava -- will it need elastic?

Heya folks! Well, this is my first time posting here, though I've read here for quite some time, after a link to it was posted on the Fursuit List. To give a brief intro, I've been doing mascot performing on-and-off since about 1999, and I've built a few costumes, mostly as masquerade entries for local anime and sci-fi/fantasy cons. I'd say performing is more my forte: besides the fact that it's a lot cheaper to practice (heh), it's incredible fun to take on another persona and entertain as a larger-than-life character. [Also, though, having seen a lot of mascots filled by folks who seem like they'd rather not be in suit, I've been doing what I can to try be the antithesis of that.] I also have considerable interest in suit making, though; there's something awesome about actually seeing a character come together from what was originally sketches and patterns. In either case, I've still got loads of room for improvement on both -- but I'm hoping it'll come with experience.

But given that this is a construction forum, here's the current question. Being too impatient to order balaclavas from the Sierra Trading Post, I went ahead and made my own in a few hours, using some stretchy fleece and safety pins around my own head, and replacing the safety pins with thread afterward. The results can be found in a couple pictures below:

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For a movable jaw, I went ahead and got some elastic, as per Jax's balaclava/moving-jaw pic tutorial (as linked in the balaclava posts in Memories).

But then I noticed something -- it seems I made my balaclava so that the chin is better defined than what you seem to get at the Sierra Trading Post -- at least judging from their picture. (It does take a little bit of effort to get my head past the neckpiece.) And I can move my chin pretty well, with the fleece from the balaclava stretching pretty well along with it.

Along with that, to make the jaw move, I'll be building the core of the jaw from 6mm foamies, instead of just using straight open-cell foam. It'll start with the main horizontal jaw piece being attached under my chin (as I've done for past moving jaws, though there I made a hood instead of a balaclava) -- and motion will be reinforced with a small piece of those 6mm Foamies wrapping around the front of my chin, being attached perpendicular to the main Foamie jaw.

... think I'll still need that bit of elastic? I'd prefer not to use it, as it does make the chin a slight bit more uncomfortable (given the extra fabric in the middle of the chin, from the seam) -- but effect overrides comfort with me. And, if I don't use it, and the jaw ends up not moving -- well, I've worked with static jaws before, and I bought enough material to redo the head at a later point.

head ideas?

Hi, I want to make another yet, preferably out of mesh, but i don't know what animals to make, i like to try exotic animals, ones that give me a challenge, so can you guys give me some suggestions? and i want to use the globe eyes that "follow you". so yea. thanks!

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Considering Creating A New Fursuit

Hey everybody. I'm low on funds but I've got that itch....you know the one. The fursuit itch. I've only built one before, but I KNOW I can do better with my second, I'm determined to. Anyway. The suit I want to make is this:

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Only, I want it to be a partial. So I'd just be making the tail, paws, and head.

What I'm looking for are any fur suggestions, material suggestions, or how to do the feet....I'm considering just making them like cat-feet only with scales and the back claw (and the heel-spur), non-digitgrade, but digitgrade is fun---it just happens to be more padding work, I think?

The octopus tentacle hair can go two ways: I can either do them in a felty type of material, plain garbadine like, or faux leather, I think. But I want the eyes to look really good, and I was considering big taxidermy eyes, but those are hard to pull off. I don't care if these follow you, but I would like to give them a 3-D feel (without using giant bulbous globes).

And I'm not sure what to do with the fin on the back, either. My friend suggested a piece of backing between the fabric.....but I don't know what fabric I might use in the first place. Pawpads and the webbing need fabric suggestions, too.

So! If there's anyone interested in doing a little fabric research/organization, I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks everybody :D

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Okay I'm think...I'm ploting but I'm not sure, but I'm seriouly thinking about making a balaclava base moving jaw mask, and a bodysuit. My whole thing would be, where would I get said mask. And perhaps how much fur would be needed ? This would be my third mask, so anyhelp would be loved. Thanks ahead of the time ^_^.
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