January 31st, 2006


Clear Plastic Half-Domes for Eyes

Here's a handy link I discovered while looking for something that might give me the ability to paint my own eye like a taxidermy one. Well, I found these and they come in even bigger models than the taxidermy ones, AND you can paint the bottoms. Mind, these are the ones you'd see out of the tearducts for instead of the eyes themselves.


They look like this:


These might give the eye a bit of a 'zoom' effect though, so when you paint the bottoms that's probably a good idea to keep in mind :)

Matral Arts

(If this isnt for here, please feel free to delete!)

(And please excuse my spelling, Im very tired)

Had a thought today, how much work would some one need to do to a fursuit partal to make it strong, but yet fexible for fast movements, such as Matral Art moves. You know, flips, frount flips, back flips, kicks etc etc!

Obesly if you mess up a move and land on your muzzle, its going to brake right? Also, hurt your self (nose, mouth) I guess there isnt a lot some one can do to minanze the risk? Also, grip on the feet would be an iusse. Any ideas for more grip and a safer muzzle?
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i want to get started on my first suit, and for now i've been looking for just the right way to do everything.... mask, paws, feets, tail, blah blah blah

i need help on figuring out how do do eyes on the mask. how do you make ones that you can see through without making them look all screeney? if not, where do i see out of? @_@ i'm relatively new at this whole thing, so i'm up for any suggestions.

here's the character i want to do, but her eyes are totally up for debate, because i'm really not sure on how to make them at all:

colored head pic:


any tips? x3
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