February 1st, 2006

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Eyes Material/Mouths

Hey fursuiters!

I am starting anew in the fursuiting world by making my first foam head! But I was wondering a few things about eyes and mouths.

For the eyes, they are all white, and I need to be able to see through these. Kind of like the Batman thing, where he's got no pupils. What kind of material do I use and what kind of visibility will I get?

Also, if I install a fan in a foam head, how do you do it do it doesn't weigh down the head in one area?

As for mouths, I wanted a more cartoony head than a realistic one for a completely different character (see icon). What do you put inside the mouth for the teeth, the tongue, etc? I don't want that super-realistic jaw set, I want something more cartoony. So do you construct teeth and glue them in?

Thanks in advance for any info, and I am just in love with this community.

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Footpaw query

For those of you who make suits to sell:

How do you make footpaws to fit a range of foot sizes? I've made paws for myself by gluing foam and fur onto a pair of plimsoles (gym shoes), but obviously they'll only fit someone with the same size feet as myself.

I've seen people use slippers as a base, which would fit a larger range of sizes, but does this reduce the durability of the feet and suitability for outdoor wear?

I've also heard of people making paws entirely from scratch out of socks and foam. How well do these hold up?

I'm interested because I'm going to be making a suit for general auction, and would like to make a set of foot paws that would fit pretty much any adult foot (within reason).

I'm just gathering information at the moment, so any experience with different types of feet is appreciated!
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A Post, With Fursuit, and question

Okay, I know I've promised a few folks a picture or three of my 'first outing' at Midfur with my completed partial (alas, I ain't got any pictures that show off my tail, it sorta got hid by the coat) but well, here goes Collapse )
Okay, now that unpleasentness is out of the way The question, I was asked someone recently, who actually saw the suit, and who had a closer look at the mask and the like, and he was curious about these sorts of things, having said that.. he's mentioned a couple of times that he would like to commission me for a partial like my own.. The question is, I'm unsure as to what is a 'fair' cost for my skills, How do you guys work out a viable commission scale for certain things like Partials, masks, etc? judging by your skills and the like, would my thought of $500 for a tail, mask and gloves be suitable? (might even attempt more tricker paws next time, the last pair were, lets face it, Fairly basic)
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so I deleted my last post since I revised the black and white ears.

The first link is what the look like once I removed all the fur from the band:

The other two links show the ears looking more pointed/tipped rather than rounded (third revision):

The ears are tightly sewn on yet still have some room to move along the band for desired position.
What do you think?

Complete Footpaws

They are finally complete. Posted about these a while back on here, but figured I would do a re-post now that I have the bottoms of them done. I used shoe goo to secure the paw pads to the bottoms of the feet and they are never coming off. The claws are a little uneven, and the shoe goo made the pads on the bottoms look a little messy. But this is the first time I have ever tried any such craft and I am rather happy with the result.Cut is rather picture laden but they are all small so take a peak. Collapse )
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