February 3rd, 2006


Skullhead Dream Beastie Costume

First time posting here, so hopfully I don't break any rules. *moved pics to behind a cut*

Meet The Illusion King, my second fursuit made, and a new character I've started to really like.

Sketch of the character, in all his scary goodness. Pretty close to how I want it to look as a full suit in the future, for now he'll be left as a parital, with head, hands, feet and tail. Currently, there are LED lights for the eyes, and the green markings + Claws will be done up in a clear glow in the dark varnish. Not sure what he is, but I wanted to make a skullhead critter this time around.

Head so far, the front fur is not in place, nor are his sculpted saber teeth. I'm waiting on some wiring touch ups to sew up the last part. Not photographed, his tail is done, complete with faux snake skin scaled areas, and swirly Asian puff at the end.

Updates to follow as the rest of the peices come together.

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This year the demo I did at Further Confusion was a combination airbrush demo and head finishing/detailing/mini-makeover. Since I got no takers for demo heads, I made sure I had something to work on by taking some old foam heads and slapping fur onto them. Again, thanks go out to Eric Yee for coming in and helping out a bunch! He's a far more accomplished air brush artist than I am.


Remember that these were literally done in a few minutes, on the spot. I'd normally take a LOT more time to do head finishing, including making patterns for the eyebrows and such rather than just winging it. Still, I think I got the point across that it's not that hard to add that little extra to a costume. If nothing else, just *brushing* the fur once in a while would help dozens of costumes! That, and a little Aqua Net and you'll look spiffy.

The one thing you need to do in order to maximize the ability to detail your head is to start with a dense fur: if you part the fur and you can see the backing, the fur will be too thin to do much (and will probably wear out/get nappy quickly). Also run your hand over the fur, then shake is gently: if it looks nappy or messy, it's probably not very good; if the fur shakes back into place/looks neat, get it.

Here are some more pics of the heads that we worked on and a couple of a "spot" experiment I did ages ago.

More pics of the gold head

A gray head with really skanky fur

An old experiment (from 1997 or 1998?) on making spots

Clouded leopard spots (I know, not naturally accurate, but the effect is kind of neat)
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Cheap fur on sale

Does anyone need fur like this?

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A lot of pink, but there's some red/black, and short-fuzz pile, gray, white/silver, and red/black porcupine on the bottom. It's all 70% off, but this stuff has been there for weeks. This stuff is going for $6-8/yd! I would be more than happy to ship some out. Shipping would cost about $10, depending on quantity.

Any takers?

Gryphon Attack!

By popular request, shots of my first fursuit, again a partial suit.

A nameless wingless Gryphon (or Sagg, as I've heard them called). He was worn to Furloween in Orlando for 2005. Dispite the heat in the head, I was able to dance pretty well and enjoyed the party.

He has 'follow me' eyes, but also a reflective material inside that catches light even in a dimly lit room. Very creepy. Somewhat of a moving jaw, it's take a large movement of my own jaw to move. Vision is through the mouth, and not the best. I'll probably be selling this suit in the near future to make room for more projects.

On to the photos..

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:) And I was doomed after making this costume, I want to keep making them now..I'll never have any spare cash now.


Hi, i will be buying foam tomorrow, and i don't know to either buy 1" foam or 2". And i am doing this tech. http://werevarmint.timduru.org/wvtoasthed.htm
And at the beginning with the foam circle part, my head is a lion thats big, not a slim fox head, so what shape should i make the base part of foam? I am needing this info by tomorrow morning because at lunch time i'm getting the foam at Joann's so i will look at everything, please help me with advice! As soon as i get the foam i will post pics to see if its being done right, thanks.

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I wanted to know, how do you make "follow me" eyes? And where can you get basic airbrushes and paints for them? what colors would i need for a realistic lion? thanks!