February 4th, 2006

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Growly Mask Done!

Wahoo! The mask for my Growly partial is done! :)
Here is a teaser pic.

She's going to be a partial suit for FWA, and later a full suit. ^_^
I'm excited with how she came out, though she definitely has her flaws. This is my very first balaclava head. I didn't do a moving jaw, but I'm going to try that on my next one, I think.
So now I can do both balaclava and mesh, hooray.
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Four Seasons

Crossposting to ilovetails because it's so true.

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Today I finished my latest tail, "Four Seasons". It's yet another long tail. For this one, I wanted to combine the skills I've picked up from making fleece dragon tails and multi-piece ringed tails. And I wanted to outdo my current longest tail, too. It came out shorter than I expected. My tape measure is only 12 feet long, so I had to improvise. It came out to 14'4" (4.37 meters).

The reason it's called Four Seasons is because the tail is divided into four regions. Each region is made of four segments. The first four are "spring", consisting of lime, sky blue, gray, and gold, with green spines. The next is summer- green, blue, lime, and gold, with gold spines. Next comes fall: red, black, brown, and gray, with red spines. Finally comes winter, blue, sky blue, gray, and black, with blue spines. It is meant to represent the cycle of an entire year. (But it took less than 48 hours to create!)

Now I have three giant tails (what, the three longest in the fandom?) in my tiny (twin size) dorm room bed. I don't know if I can handle all that snuggle.

Whatcha think? (My classes this semester are really boring. Can you tell?)


Okay, i have looked EVERYWHERE and i cannot find this buckrum material. I need some ASAP, and was wondering if there where any websites that sold it. If anyone has gigantic amounts of it, would you mind donating some? I barely need a yard for now. I have 3 eye projects i need to finish.