February 5th, 2006

Minschier Gilmore

Roo bee doo bee Roo!

Hokay, this is my first post here, but animecat threatened me with severe hurt if I didn't. So here goes. This is a picture of two Kangaroos I put together for a charity event. They were a mega rush job, and still need some tweaking, but I thought everyone here might enjoy them. meet Rocko and Socko!
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Noobler Pie

OK this is my first post here but I having been lurking for a long time. I have decide to try making some stuff. So I went to Jo Anns fabric today and got 2 yards of fur and 2 types I plan on getting some white when I have funds and plan on making a few tail and paw sets. here is the stuff I got...
Image hosting by Photobucket
snow leopard
Image hosting by Photobucket
purple with grey tips
Image hosting by Photobucket
same as above but showing the purple(its hard to see becuase my cam is crappy)

any tips on making paws and and tails would be very helpful becuase this is my first time trying this.
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The Skies Above

My first attempt at fursuiting: Sir Fratley Irontail

[better known as Freya's long-lost love, from the video game Final Fantasy IX] This fully handsewn costume took eight months to complete. Despite some unavoidable costume malfunctions, Fratley debuted at Anime LA. His weapon was made as well, but is not in any of the photos.

This is my first-ever attempt at fursuiting of any kind. My thanks go out to everyone in this community. Without this community's existance, Fratley wouldn't be in existance either. Thank you all so much! =D

More photos can be found in my cosplay.com gallery of Sir Fratley:

bear partial

The result of wanting to make a very small/tight partial.

The eyes are 'follow me' and made from scratch. The vision is pretty good considering the tiny opening the wearer is looking though. The close fit helps here.

I will be adding a tongue later.

The mouth can open but does not move with the wearer's jaw. It was intended to, but somewhere along the process it got stuck. Still, it stays open just a sliver and adds great ventilation. And the wearer can manually move it to drink and eat non-messy things like cookies.

The pawpads are felt and the claws/nose are an epoxy putty. Similar to sculpy but pretty much unbreakable/unchippable. One has fallen off in the picture (probably it was the one that was crooked and I realigned) but I will find it and resecure them all.

There is a tail as well.

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Likely, I will be offering this for sale at a very reasonable price, once I am convinced it is finished. If intersted, email me. If a recieve a reasonable offer, I will sell it privately rather than offering it for auction. Otherwise, it will go on Ebay.


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Steed head progress


Well, after two weeks of fiberglass, Bondo, grey primer and sanding sanding and more sanding, (the garage is all white powder now) progress has been made. The ears are that so-called plastic canvas, sewed together and sewed on via drilled holes in a circle through the back of the head left for that purpose.

The ears will be covered with short fur and the head will be brush painted and detailed with acrylics. Not sure about eyes yet but they will have eyelids and lashes. A biker's chain blackleather cap will top the head and more plastic canvas will arch out behind to form the back of the archy horse neck with mane and forelock of course. Have not decided quite yet but probably fake horsehair.

More of the short, Palomino-colored fur will be cemented to the inside of the curve of the jowl and underneath to form behind the neck and hide down over my own neck and shoulders. Will put stuffing material wherever needed to form the neck and ear shape from behind so this is now more of a mask. Is fairly light being a thin fiberglass shell. Shortened it quite a bit from the original foam form and still a bit nose-heavy so working on how to fit it with a liner where my head goes for comfort and good support. I can see well through the eyes now but will see how that works out. Mostly pleased.

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How do you make 3 fingered, with a thumb(total 4 fingers), poofy fingered wrist length handpaws? Jusy wondering, can't find it on memories, any links? thanks!

My current project!

Click the picture for a larger view.

Thanks so much to animecat for drawing the character sheet above!

I wanted to get some opinions on the coloration...

The fur is a tri-color fur from JoAnn's. It's gray at the tips, black in the middle, and bright green at the root! I'm still playing around with the coloration of the eyes, but I'm thinking orange and yellow eyes with black pupils. Look closely and tell me what you think?

Hey rustydragonfly I know you used this fur on that Mountain Dragon you made back in October... how does the fur handle being shaved down? I can't tell really in those pictures.

EDIT: The clawtips, teeth, and eyes will be glow-in-the-dark. The pawpads and radiation symbol will be UV reactive IF I can get them airbrushed satisfactorily.
EDIT 2: diadexxus came up with the name when we found the fur in JoAnn's.
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Plastic Bowls?

Ok, it seems all of Poway, CA has decided to go with clear plastic bowls. Pah, people and their stupid need to see their food. I was wondering if any of you nice nice fursuiters could send me a few white plastic bowls? I'll be glad to pay for shipping.
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