February 6th, 2006

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Styling faux fur

What would be a good material to use to style faux fur without harming it? What I have is a relatively long pile black fur, so I'm not worried about staining the material, but I wouldn't want it to become gummy or fall out. Hairspray? Acrylic paint? I'd like to twist it together in small, pointed clumps to simulate feather detail on the face.
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Furring Footpaws

The footpaw thing is just not coming together for me. I can easily make the base paw but I'm stuck on how to fur it properly. They have to be strong and durable which means sewing is a must. But I am confused on how to sew it.

The way I see it, there are two methods, cover the foam paw with a 'slipper' of fur and then create toe definition with yarn, similar to how teddy bear paws are made.

Or individually cover each toe with fur, *somehow* making it cover properly and be wrinkle free. It is this one that I am having difficulties with.

Is it easier if the toes are big? Any tips on covering each toe using a minimal # of seams?

There are plenty of footpaw tutorials, but every single one of them goes straight from the unfurred paw to the fully furred version while saying 'and then you fur it'. Is there something obvious that I'm missing?
Captain Slyboots

Teeth, Claws and Hooves, Sculpey and Leather

Here's the first half of a tutorial for making costume hooves using boiled leather, followed by a description of how I made a neat texture tool to make a fairly nice looking canine nose out of polymer clay, and then some pictures of some of my current projects. :)
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And that's what I've been up to! I hope some of that was useful, or at least interesting!

WIP Geegon

I'm in a sharing mood, so here you go.

A critter WIP that I've been working on randomly. This is what happens when I take an old head (my mountain goat) and redo it with no particular plan in mind.
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I just christened him Geegon, as I needed a name to match to the picts on my computer :)

Any suggestions on type/species of handpaws and tail? I am thinking either cloven hooves or big claws and maybe a long sheep tail with spikes...