February 7th, 2006

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i trimmed the fur a little around the nose & mouth i dont want to go to nuts just yet until i decide on the eyes. i think i am going to go with a blue eye & ether use the print out on the transparency paper as seen in the pic or if i can find a taxidermy eye i may go with that. i made a plastic incert out of a 1 gal plastic jug of the eye socket. its about 2 inches in depth. i am thinking of making the eye to fit the end of the tubes & have a removable eye & lid for if i ever want to change the mood of the bear by simply switching out the eye socket. the white mesh i found brings out the color of the eye better but not to sure on how it will look once its in place. im not sure on how black will look against the white fur. & does any one know if there is a paint for a air brush that will stick to PVC? I may have to pick up some of the plastic Kryoln paint.
the pic is just to give an idea of what it (i hope) will look like. the nose is not attached & the snout has to be trimmed down still so im not sure if the nose is the right size yet.
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I have come to an impass with my Radical Rabbit fursuit head. I am right now trying to create a pattern with ducttape for which to overlay on the fur so it will lay flat on the head, but I am not quite sure how to go about drawing the pattern on the duct tape. I have looked at several stuff animals for refrence on drawing the head, and have come up with some ideas, but I would sincerly apperciate some in put from ya'll before I proceed with cutting out the pattern and laying it on the fur.

I covered the whole thing with duct tape and proceeded to draw a pattern on it. I am having a little difficulty hashing out the shape of the pattern that would make the fur lie straight on the head, so any advice ya'll could give me at this point would be greatly appercaited.

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Thanks in Advance
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Just finished my tail for my Zaide partial last night =3 I like how the shape turned out but I wish I hadn't made the mistake of cutting my fur in the wrong direction. X_X I could have sworn I had laid it out properly before I started... but I found otherwise once I had it cut out. Thankfully you can't tell terribly bad... XP I would have redid it but I didn't have enough fur.

This tail is 46" streached straight. It has a nice curve with the curvy tail tip going out to the right =3 Took a little less than a full bag of polyfill, my first machine sewn tail (I was NOT doing that by hand X_X) I had alot of trouble with the old ass sewing machine I found but I eventualy got it to work. I'll probably remake this tail sometime in the future, when I can get ahold of some more black fur.

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