February 8th, 2006


Looking for some fur...

I'm looking for some fur of a particular color. It would not have to be a lot of it (maybe a half a yard if that). I get the feeling I'm going to have a hard time finding it because it has to be the exact color, or very very close too it as I want all of the blue on my suit to be the same blue. This is the color I am looking for:

It can be a little lighter or darker but it has to be close, and preferably a short pile fur (1" or less pile length). If anyone has some you would be willing to part with e-mail me to discuss pls =^o^=.
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Fursuit, headsize prollems

Hey, I bought a head from furbid (most adorable thing EVAH) And I thought for sure it would fit me but I forgot to take into account my glasses, I need to make him a little bigger. He is mesh and foam constructed and I was thinking of just cutting the fur/mesh, at the back of the head and adding an insert to make it bigger. Does this seem reasonable? Any hints or sudgestions would be great. Or if someone wants to meet up witha GA fur to help me size up the head to fit then that would be helpfull too sence I've never done this before.
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(no subject)

I'm on a scrap quest my friends, I'm working to make two fursuit heads ( one foam one mesh ) I have the matriels to make the frames, but not the money to buy the fur.. So if anyone has any scarps laying around, I'm happliy pay for them. I;m looking for hopefully red, but, just about any colour will help. Thank you a head of time ^_^.

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