February 10th, 2006


paw attemp 1

welp took me about 2 hours but i managed to make my first paw! woot. def redoing it over,cuz i made the wrist an arm part too small,so i had to cut most of the arm off, so it barly reachs my elbow now.an the pinkie toe is way too big. man making the like outline for it is much harder then it looks. i sred out my fingers an all but it didnt work that well. an i think the finger pads are too big,but i really like the biger one, i put some stuff in it too so its plushie lol.not too bad for my first attemp,not sure tho.i think its kinda ugly lol oh well first time, heres some pics. the fur looks black but its really a dark blue. all scrap furr from walmart ^.^

i really want to make the 2nd one now to ware to the movies tonight.but i wanted to get ppls tips an or opinions first.
if anyone has any comments or tips that be great!


EDIT: i just finished the other one an i still have them on,ezy to type with suprizingly lol. the new one is longer and fingers r too short,ohh well,fix later
Evil Grin

Attaching long fur to the head

Well I have peeled off my duct tape pattern, but now I am not sure whether to proceed by gluing the fur directly to the frame, or sewing the pieces together. The fur I have is the purple fur you see at Walmart, and is quite long, and I think I rememeber reading that longer fur is better to glue. Before I proceed with this very next to last step (the final part being shaving the fur and the eyes), I want to know in this case whethter I should glue or sew with longer fur.

Thanks in Advance.