February 11th, 2006

Emo SW =|

Zaide head done

I finished my Zaide's head last night but I can't get any pictures worth crap =/ stupid camera... THis is the best I could do and it still looks horrible:

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I hate the nose, I had to make it real quick last night because it doesn't appear that I will be getting the nose I had requested for him... If I do happen to get it I can just pop this one off and replace it. =3 I added some teeth for fun and at the last moment decided on giving him lime green ear tips, sence he was starting to seem a little bland with all that black =3
Sorry you can't see him well here, guess everyone will have to wait till FWA? This is my second completed head and I'm quite happy with him, he breaths well enough and the vision is decent (my main vision problem is my own hair! I gotta get some pins for it) Maybe after Fwa I'll have better pictures?
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Fursuit-TV premiere

Not totally on topic, but in some case might be considered on topic,
as it might also feature fursuit construction sigs, pro "behind the scenes" video about costumes from movies etc.. ;)

For those interested the Premiere stream will be on
Saturday 4th March 2006 - 5:00pm (US East) = 11:00pm (Paris Time)
Re-run: Saturday 4th March 2006 - 7pm (US East) = Sunday 5th - 1am (Paris Time)

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My next fursuit

I am finally finished on her design, and I am more than happy with it. I'm still working on a name.

I figured you were the only folks around that would understand why I am so excited about a design for an animal costume lol.

I hope to start on this suit (and maybe finish it 0-0) this summer. If so, there is an outside chance you will see her at Conifur 2006 :)

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Any sources for her fur?

I need a:
- long off-white (3 inches+ pile length),
- short grey and darker grey (slightly longer than seal fur),
- long purple with black guard hairs (preferably),
- and a long black and short black that match (i am going to manually sew in every black spot).

If the greys are too hard to find, I am also considering a light tawny and darker tawny.
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