February 12th, 2006

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Pile legnth?

Kinda knew to the whole suiting thing so I was wondering, what are the various pile legnths used for?
In particular, what would be the best legnth for a muzzle? Would a 1/2 in. legnth be to short?

bodysuit help

I am planning to make a basic lion like bodysuit for my gryphon, and it has small digigrade legs, a chest pad to make the chest tuft stick out, and shoulder foam to round off his shoulders. I have a pic i drew on the computer, but i need advice on what types of measurments i should take(a drawing would help) and how to alter the pattern for it, what pattern to use and how much camel short pile from crscrafts.com to order. Its my first time making a bodysuit, i had gotten one from Kitty from her dawson dog bodysuit is the one i have, and i needed advice other than from her, thanks!

Here are the pics:


just drew it, hehe
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Happy Bat

Nessawn Suit

I finally -almots- finished my Nessawn suit, after planning and much sewing and months, he is almost finished.

He still needs his jaw to be compleatly hinged, I just really haven't gotten around to it. He needs a new mouth, this one was a trial mouth, made for no other purpose then to look goode in this while I take pictures. I'm not entirely sure what to make the new mouth out of. Scuplty is to heavy. I think I will use the crayola stuff, it's really light, and for reinforcements I'll use hot glue and molds.
He also needs his feetpaws and handpaws, which is why I am hideing my hands in the pictures. In the pictures I'm wearing a pair of slippers I got at spencers gifts, I call them my werewolf feet ^.^

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Head plans

Heres my plans for my ermine head

I hope to start sometime this week =03

(edit) sorry.. its cut now =0p

also, pay no attention to the bottom.. I have different plans for that..

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