February 14th, 2006

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A while back either in here or ilovetails there was a psot from someone talking about a tail they had made much like wolftronics stuff but didn't use servos and suchlike. It used the body's own movement to power it. Anyone either remember said psoter or have info for such tails? If it helpes they did a breakdown betwen their tail and wolftronics and got rebuked for being kind of harsh.

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Evil Grin

Good tutorial on making Hand paws for a Half suit

Hello everyone! I am looking for a good turotial on how to make hand paws specifically for half suit. The memories feature seems to be down right now, otherwise, I wouldn't ask.

I basically know how the hands are made, I just need to see claification on how to make sure they stay up and how long they should be.

Thanks in Advance.