February 17th, 2006


Lime Green Fur

I'm looking for a piece of long nap (3"+) Lime Green fur to do a Mohawk style "crest"
I only need a strip about 3" wide and 12"-15" long but I'd like it to be able to stand up kind of like a zebra's mane.

I've seen a couple of wigs on the 'net, but they are a bit expensive for this project

Any ideas?
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Wallf's paws

Whoa, it's been a while since I've hacked apart pieces of fur to make stuff.

Here is the long-overdue pair of paws for Wallf!

Here is the gallery!

I would have liked to try them out, but they're 3 sizes too small. Either way, I'm very happy with how they turned out, and I'm sure they will hold up as well as my other paws have.

As for underneath, I don't decorate the bottom side of the paws in order to preserve functionality. Why bother if it's just going to get dirty and won't be seen much if at all? What are your opinions on soles?

I'm going to binge out on foxhats tonight/tomorrow, so I'll post about that later.

p.s. I sold my big fox hat on ebay! I'll have to do that more often! Was it any of you folks? HMMmmm?

I've also found the mother lode of orange fleece; 50+ inches wide for US $1/yd. I'm seriously tempted to buy the entire bolt. Any of you guys need orange fleece? I'm not sure how it holds up to Chicago winds, but I'll make one or two and let you know.