February 20th, 2006



Fellow Fursuiters,

I have been painting and working on the horsehead for Steed and not so sure I like how it will be only painted. It was suggested I try to flock it. Does anybody here know about flocking, how-to or where to find out more about it (faq's, etc.)?

Is coming along ok, overall. Furred the ears and they came out nice. Not happy with eyes yet but working on them.



Er,I've got stuck! If anyone has any long pile white fur to spare I'd be more then willing ta pay, I need about a half a yard.

Thanks in advance

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New Head Done

Well another head is done, he still needs a name so if anyone has an idea I'd be glad to hear it.



The photos really dont do it justice. The bottom jaw does move, but I held it open to get a good shot of the teeth. I do need some help on what to do to get my chin from showing when I move my mouth. I do plan on making this into a full suit for Halloween so I'll take better photos then. Thanks for looking!

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Hello my furry family! :D

I'm making a bobcat costume for Anthrocon this year. (I'm so excited. :B) I have everything I need basically at my disposal except for the plastic things I need for the follow-you eyes. (and money XD) I have a few questions about them before I begin.

1. Is there any way to get them small enough to look semi-realistic? I can only seem to find rather large plastic half-circles.
2. I thought I had more questions than this.


ALSO, I was thinking on this the other day. If you're going to make a cat's tongue out of fabric, try adding some terry cloth in the middle to give it the effect of papillae.
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