February 23rd, 2006

New Fursuit-OSU
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Fursuit Games Idea

I was talking to kaffawolf and we came up with an idea for a new fursuit game. Unless this has already been tried and been a miserable failure, then it's not new o_o

Anyways, I was thinking about Fursuit Tetherball. All ya need is a pole, string, and tire full of concrete. Basically, it's tetherball...in fursuit. Originally, I was thinking about using santa_fox as the ball, because he's about the same size as a tetherball and he's a fox. But, I think injury could occur, so we should just use a regular tetherland.

Now, there are some cons were this game could easily be played indoors, like MFM, where the Fursuit Games space has an insanely high ceiling. In other cases, like MFF, where the poll would be just as tall as the ceiling, and the game would have to be held outside, weather permitting.

One thing I like about this game is that a fursuiter's limited vision would easily be the biggest handicap, making the disadvantage fair between full 'suiters and partial 'suiters. Plus, when you have fursuiters like quasiskunk, you know creative ways of cheating will be found ^_-

Any thoughts? :)

Skunkies! (7th time's the charm)

Sweettart is being shipped off today, so wanted to post a few pics.

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As well, we have one going up for auction. British-punk-skunk in fabulous fuscia! Kinda like SweetTarts wayward cousin that the family tends not to bring up in conversation of they can help it. Plays in some band called 'Sauce Caution', drives a nice Bently though. Have material here enough to turn him into a full out suit too if someone wants to run with the idea. Doesn't have a name yet, though I was thinking of "Hamlet" cause of the juxtaposition it gives me in my squishy insides. :>

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Heh, I have yet another question for all of you.

Would it be possible to make a 'plushie' fursuit? What I mean is, people use foam for padding, but would it be possible to make the entire suit like a giant plushie? I want to make a costume of 'The Clown with the Tear-Away Face' from The Nightmare Before Christmas, and his stomach is really big.

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Great, I may have just killed another machine. The same problem I had last time, whenever I make a stitch, or even TRY to pick up the bobbin thread, the top thread gets caught in the housing and within a short order I have spaghetti down there. I was able to get a refund on the last machine I did this to, but now I'm wayyy out of warranty coverage.

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If these aren't good enough, I can record a video of it, or take more pictures.

It's a Brother LS-2125 that I bought in September or so. Never been oiled or cleaned (shame shame) and I have been using it extensively lately. Somebody mentioned that it may be a simple timing problem. That's what I'm thinking, because just now I did an entire tail, stuffed it, went to make the belt loops and now I can't even make a simple stitch. It has been sounding rather strange lately.

When the needle begins to rise again, the thread gets caught on the hook and I don't recall it doing that before.

Can anyone help me fix this problem? I will make a custom hat for the first person to explain how to fix it.

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