February 24th, 2006

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Well, I decided to scrap the old Frazzle 626 fursuit head that I created a few months ago.. It was just way to bulky and heavy. It was no fun wearing and you really could not be all that active in it without having problems, seeing etc.... So, I decided to completely redesign the head making it a bit more cute than the old one and much MUCH smaller! This one even though is not finished yet, Still needs stripes, Head fur, teeth, I may redo the nose too look a bit more Stitch like, Neck fur, chin/muzzel fur and the Antennas. But I wanted to show a bit of progress.. Its only my second attempt at a fursuit head so well its not the best.. But im trying.. Im hoping to have it done in the next week. "still having a bit of trouble making the mouth move the way I want it too but oh well maybe the next one will come out better" I am kinda looking forward in working on a Sabertooth Tiger fursuit head next.. But I wanted to practice on Frazzles 626 redesign first since its a full Fursuit. Nothing like having a awesome body for the character with no head ;)

Well, I just wanted to show a few shots of the progress. I know I don't post much but I just wanted to share it with everyone.

Thanks again for all the help. The fursuit Tutorial is a great place to get cool tips and tricks on constructing a decent proportional fursuit head!!!

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