February 25th, 2006



I wanted to know, how do you carve foam to be like frazzle's head or Arentstudios like? And where do you get the foam blocks? Thinking about using this method on my next suit, Draco as in my icon for reference, any ideas on how i can make him with just foam/fur?

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  • taren_

Fixed the problem.

Thank you to all of you who provided suggestions for how to fix my sewing machine. I eventually called a person at the local Jo-Ann who did machine repair and asked about it. She said that it wasn't a timing problem, but rather a problem with the tension dial.

Her suggestion was to run wax dental floss through the tension knob (as if I were threading it) in order to remove built-up junk and lightly lube it up. And whaddya know, it worked. I'm just... dental floss?... arrrgh

Anyway, after that, I finished up my commission!

For Wallf, a wolf tail! Yay tails. This is in addition to a set of paws.

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It twists around a bit at the end, but it's cool. And it curves! Do you like it? I'm gonna go ship it out today.

small plug for myself- due to unfortunate circumstances, I am offering commissions on pretty much anything short of a full suit. Paws, tails, ears, foxhats especially.
  • midori8

Leather armor

hello everyone!

this isn't exactly "fur"suit related, but it is indeed for a fursuit. possiably a dragon or for my white lion. i am not quite sure yet.

anyways, i am curious as to how many people here have done leather armor? is it alot cooler then a fursuit or? i just have always loved the look of some leather armor. like Foofers dragon, i went head over heels for that. i loved the combination.

also has anyone ever made any before? i am currently getting into it more and i am thinking of making a full suit of armor. yet i am clue less as to "where" to begin. like how should certain pieces link together. i know you use rivets, but i mean how does it function with full mobility. if that makes sense... i have done alot of looking around online but i haven't really found any tutorials or anything. i have found patterns, but nothing that shows how things should "work" together. i have made small pieces but nothing major.

i hope i make sense here lol i am basicly looking for a how to for leather armor. i just bought 15 square feet of leather and i am wondering if this is enough.

any help or advice would be much appreciated!