February 26th, 2006

Isthnar done!

Here's my new suit, Isthnar the gryphon! He took about 1 week to make, and closr to 100 dollars in materials. He is made of five types of fur: Short pile camel, seal camel, shag brown, seal brown, and cinnimon cubby bear short. The head's mesh/foam base was made by Kitty, tail by Noble_Wolf, Bodysuit by me, furred/pvced by me, footpaws and handpaws by me as well. He has "follow you" eyes and a movable jaw. I love him and he will be appearing at AC this year, as so will balck beak. Now to the pics!






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Meet the cuddly scary ... thing. Completed last week for Kurrel the Raven (who now prefers to be known as Ythy, whom he created), he's probably the cutest suit I've done yet, at least according to me :)

He's a 3/4 suit, meaning he's got digitigrade 'pants' with attatched tail, arm length handpaws and a head with included neck. I also made the robe especially for him.

Check out my website for details