February 27th, 2006

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ok WAY to many posts to reply to on my LJ about my sons bear head so here's a blanket reply: the nose i will make bigger, the ears will look bigger once there furred, almost a inch bigger all around. as for making the muzzle shorter...........I think i will destroy it if i try due to my heavy paw with the hot glue. the upper i might be able to do it from the nose end but the lower due to the detail with the teeth & the mouth lining it will ether have to be taken out of the middle or where the jaw attaches to the head. I don't really want to do a lot of work on this seeing how this will most likely be the only time my son will ware it before he grows out of it. BUT if i do try how much should i take off? 1" 2"??
PIC here http://grizz593.livejournal.com/257845.html
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Amber Head

Well, I finally finished foaming a head. After my first head post here, many people said it was too wide. So I scrapped it, salvaged the ears, and started making a new one with Growly's tutorial. Overall, I'd say it turned out pretty well for my first attempt. The eyes are made with printer paper. x3 I need to get some black screen to finish the eyes. Although, I have a few questions.

1. I'm near-sighted and wear glasses, while looking for an eye tutorial I found a post that mentioned wearing glasses on the outside of the mask. I tried it, but it opens my glasses uncomfortably wide. Is there a better way of wearing glasses on the outside?

2. The ears are the right size and shape, but they keep flopping forward. What would be a good way to keep them from falling forward that wouldn't majorly effect the head's shape?

3. I've looked in the memories for tutorials on how to make eyes, and I've found some great ones. For making plastic dome eyes. I want to make something rather simple, just black on white. Any detailed instructions and/or material lists on how to make simple (i.e. Like the ones on this mask: http://homepage.mac.com/growly/Sites/meshtut16.html) eyes?

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I'm wondering if anyone can point me to where I can get long pile fur or fake hair to do long flowing hair. I've experimented with a few things and it's not coming out with the look I want. All help will be appreciated.

Leather Dyes

Hmm. I looked through memories, but couldn't find anything on this. Tell me if I missed something =P I've heard that leather dyes are the best airbrush paint to use on fursuits. Where would one get leather dyes? Websites, stores, anywhere?
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