March 1st, 2006

storing fur and fabric

This is perhaps not specifically on topic, but I couldn't think of where better to put it.

How do those of you that make alot of suits, tails, etc store/organize your fur? Any way to keep it handy, easy to look through and sort, but uncrumpled and out of the way?

I am getting quite a large collection, and it really gets in the way for storing and organizing everything in my house. It's small and I have alot of other art materials around, so I don't have room for heaps of fur lying around. And I may be fostering a puppy soon, and need to start puppy-proofing the place.

Right now, I have a rubbermaid for things I have made or have put away for the present moment (like paws/ears), another rubbermaid for fur/fabric/leather scraps, a few shelves for larger items I am working on or have finished (heads), completed things that can be hung are hung (tails, suits), and the lengths of fur fabric are layered on a shelf.

I would like a better way of storing the lengths of fur fabric, as it is not convienient for finding the exact fur I want in a hurry, without having to refold the whole pile afterwards. I think I would love to hang it all up, but regular clothes hangers would be too flimsy, and the fur would have to be held in place somehow.

Any blueprints/ideas/sources for such a system? Any other ideas?

As well, please share how you store all the rest of your fursuit building materials (foam, stuffing, etc) so we may all benefit.
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  • naq108

Practice head.

After looking at lots of construction pics and reading a few tutorials I finally decided to try my hand at building a Balaclava head. Since I have never done this type of head before I figured I would just make a practice head instead of making it into a suit. Its going to be robin hood from the disney movie.^^ Here are a couple of construction pics.

I'm pretty much done with all the foam carving. I still have to do the ears. Currently the eyebrows are just pinned in place. It has a moving jaw with elastic straps and it seems to work pretty well :) I just hope it still does after I fur it :/
So what do you think? Is there anything I should change or adjust? (comments and criticisms welcome)
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