March 2nd, 2006


more head


iv been workin latly haha, i made the jaw longer,an made a lower one an manged to make it move! lol go me!. u can see the inside of the lower one with the meshpeice,an cardbord to make it stronger, then i used some strechy string that i make my rave candy out of haha hey it works!

im worryed tho once i fur it the jaw wont be able to move as much cuz the frickin. then i added the ears,i want to start foaming it soon! im getin my white fur on friday from a friend. still dont no how im gonna put the pawprint marking on the back of the neck in the fur, cuz im going to put a ziper on there how to go about the eyes.

any help or hints would be much loved ^.^

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did some work on my sons head last night. i managed to shorten the snout with out destroying it. also have the bigger nose almost done. is it to big? & should i put nostrils in it or leave it like a teddy bear? sorry for the bad pic's but i had to use the web cam. my CF card took a dump & im waiting for the new one.
short snout & bigger nose

Head Makeover

I had made a bear head a long time ago, and I was looking to sell it. My friend, Shaggy_Griffon was interested in it, but said it would look better as a husky. I thought it was a good idea, so now he's a black, white and blue husky named T.J!

Before and After pictures are behind the cut!

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Head-making dilemma

Righto, I've got a bit of an odd problem, in that I really want to make another fursuit head, perhaps with other pieces to make it a partial, but a head in particular. Thing is, I have no idea... none -whatsoever- as to what I'd like to make. In short, I'd like it to be something that someone else designs, otherwise I'll never really be happy with how it looks because I'm one of those irritating people who always nitpick their own work to shreds.

So, I'm putting it to you wonderful people through whom ideas flow:

What would you like to see me make?

I'd very much prefer something with a bit of detail. More than two colours, or with spines, or webbing or mandibles... I dunno. Something weird and interesting. If I like your ideas or a lot of people like one that's commented (IE, there are a lot of comment replies saying it's an awesome idea) I'll do it. If there are more than one funky ideas then I'll probably make more in the future!

I'm also open for doing your character, but keep in mind that it won't be a commission in that I won't be doing it for a specific time frame or be taking payments for it unless you'd prefer it to be that way. I'd like it to be a side project to work on between commissions as I've got a lot on my plate for this month and next. I will point out that I'm still open for commissions, but they won't be able to be finished until may at the very earliest.

Thanks, and I await your wonderful ideas!

Ideas so far:
Demon horse (calico patterning)
Zombie rabbit
Calico guinea pig
Cannibal deer
Boxer doggie currently winning!
Badger (badgerbadgerbadger mushroom MUSHROOM!)
Greater glider
Aye aye

Don't mind the links, they're just odd pictures from google image search :P
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