March 4th, 2006

A question from the floor.

I've been having difficulties getting my balaclava style head to go on easily. My hair gets pushed into my eyes, and I have to wiggle quite a bit. Once I have the head on, it fits like a dream, but it's quite a struggle to just get it over my noggin.

So I was wondering, what do you guys do to solve this problem? I was thinking of making a second spandex balaclava to wear underneath and make my head smoother, but would that be too hot? Would a hair net work better? I figured I should ask someone with experience.
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Buying fur?

Hello all :3

I had a question about buying colored fur, as I've only ever used white befor. Is it better to buy colored fur, or to use some sort of method of colorig on white? o-o; and where is a good place to get fur? either onine or an actual store ( if anyone lives in New hampshire and knows of a store, that would be awsome *0* )

Thanks, if any one can help <3 sorry if someone's already asked about this and I just missed it.