March 6th, 2006

Kit my other fursona

kitsune tail set

hey all

I'm trying to make a two tailed kitsune. I know how to make a basic fox tail, but I am having trouble figuring out how to connect two tails together to make the kitsune set. I want to join the two tails at the top without having a large seam show or some other riff raff.

If anyone has any advice, it is greatly appreciated.

Thanks muchly,
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No grey for j00...

All right, I have a smiple question. Just a curious one. Does anyone know why it is so damn hard to find solid grey fur? I mean seriously, they have every color from electric blue, to candy apple red, to nuclear face melt green. But no simple grey. Anyone know why?
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Protecting the feet of my critter! I need your help!

Hi guys,
I am going to be doing a LOT of outdoor stuff with Moonbeam the Moonpuppy in the next few months and I want to protect the nice feet I made for her.

I REALLY want to make blue or purple bottomed rubber sheet Sandles for her!

Do you guys have any idea where I can find 1/2" rubber or Neoprene that is more than a foot wide and long? Also, any designs you have for holding it on the BIG feet would be helpful too!

O.~ -Sadie

Need some Help/Advice

Hello all. I've been a member of this community for a few months now, but have not posted once. I've never made a fursuit/mask or any such thing. But am planning to do so soon. And need some help in making it.

I recently purchased this wolf skull base:

Collapse )

I'm deciding whether to sculpt a face out of clay and make a latex mold from it and fur and latex paint to it to go over the base. Or just line it with short fur. My main colors i need are white and grey. I can use short AND long fur. NO real fur mind you. So any links to any sites where those would be located would be appreciated. I also have looked around some taxidermy sites for some wolf replica jaws/fangs/and yellow wolf eyes. But no luck. Any links to these as well would be of much help. This is just for the mask, im planning on doing a suit to go with the mask down the road.

[Edit]: Sorry i forgot to put the cut when i posted this. I fixed that. I'd still appreciate some input on the subject if you dont mind :)
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