March 7th, 2006


Hi, i saw the latex wolf skull mask and thats the coolest thing i have ever see. Though, is there a lion latex skull? I am making a realistic lion head and i wanted to know if there was one. Any links or places that carry stuff like the wolf, or any other animal? Would be appreciated, thanks!

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One size fits all?

After I patch some errors on up my first (foam and mesh) fursuit head.. I think I want to try my hand at a second mask. Only this time, depending on how it turns out, I might want to gift it to someone. So I was just wondering - if I went with the baklava and foam method rather than the foam and mesh, should the mask be able to adjust to fit most everyone, or would I still need to get head measurements? (I would rather avoid thatif at all possible - I want it to be a surprise. :3)
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Hello. ^.^

Well, first off I'm new to the group, so hello! *Wavies*
I just joined a few days ago in hopes of meeting new friends.
And perhaps to get some of my questions answered about my suit. ^.^

I suppose I should say it took me about 2 years to finish my own suit.
Lots of off and on work. I wanted to quit, then I got inspired again..
You may know how that feels. =p

This is my first attempt at a fursuit and probably my last, the materials cost a lot.

So.. Here are some never before seen pictures of my suit..
Really nothing special.. I think it's good for a first try. =)

FIXED! I think!

Head piccy

And of course, me suiting for the first time at AC..
I was a little drunk. >.> I needed the courage to leave the room, hehe.

I don't have any pictures of the back.. The headfur is really long and in a braid down to his behind. =p

Now.. For my only question and problem.. The eyes..
I used lenses from a pair of sun glasses.. They fog badly.
I can't see... I want to use something else and replace the eyes.
But I don't know what to use.
I know for sure I want to use a black stocking to see through.
But what do I use for the white and possibly the blue around the pupil?
I thought to buy a white bowl or something.. Good idea?

Anyway.. Thanks for reading. ^.^
Add me to your friends if you have free time. ^___^

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New poster, new fursuiter

Hello there-- my first post, and questions about my first fursuit (though I'm certainly no stranger to sewing, tails, and the like...)

I'm about to start on my first fursuit: a yellow labrador. I have a general idea of what I'm doing, but I'm extremely detailed with my work. I've been searching through the memories and found quite a bit of help there, so for now I could really use just any other tips that may not have been mentioned:

-Colorations: Yellow lab fur variates from white to yellow-brown to light brown. Createx paints were mentioned in the memories: are those suitable for covering wide areas, as well as small? And as said, if I heat set and brush the area thoroughly, will it prevent fur clumping?

-Pink nose: ..any ideas for this one? I'd like to use the fake-leather-like material, but I've only seen it in black, and the pink vinyl is.. annoyingly pink. Paint is an option, but again, I'm a stickler for realism. Anyone ever seen a pinkish-brown material suitable for this?

-Floppy ears: they seem easy enough. Are they?

-Claws: clay claws are good, no? Any tricks I should know?

-Eyes: Glass Eyes seem like a good idea. I didn't see much on how to actually make them, though, and how to go about getting the right color? (Be gentle, I'm a newbie. Maybe I'm just blind.) If I don't go with the realistic look, I'll probably go with the 'regular' fursuit eyes over the glass ones.

And finally, Collapse )

Check out those markings. That's pretty much what I'm shooting for. Even down to the little brown paws.

Any tips from other suiters are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

not lifecasting?

i'm making a costume in which the character wears a mask to hide his features-hockey mask style.
i'm thinking along the lines of fibreglass or plexiglass or urethane resin(?), but for starters, i need to measure the persons head. because its not overly detailed, (but needs to at least fit well) it seems a bit much to make a lifecast of the persons head-but i'm lost as to other ways i could get a measurent of his face-
i'd really appreciate any suggestions for alternatives to lifecasting.