March 9th, 2006



welp i finished furring my paws tonight yey!! had to get out of my sadness someway. what better way then hotglue,fur an aqua teen hungar force on my screen!
i think they came out pretty ok for the first part. the white fur looks like dull, only cuz its from this huge teddy bear a friend gave to me for not sure how to do the bottems, i might do that next week or something. im not sure if i want to make toes on it, i think it looks pretty cute.

sapost to be wolf/dog feet, but i think there more Bug Bunny haha

:I also started fixin my head, i shaved down the muzzle as much as i could
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WOoohoo!! Today we passed a HUGE Milestone! We now have 1,000 Members that are in this Community!

Thanks for the years of making this super-successful and helping all those who want costumes, make them!

-Diadexxus, Proud Owner and Moderator of LJ Fursuit
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Hi there, I'm getting ready to make a dachshund fursuit (black and tan) and I was wondering for those of you who have ordered this fur what the difference is like between it and the second fur from CR's.

I think I've used the second one but I was wondering what the quality and texture difference is. I'm trying to save some money but I don't want to sacrafice the quality if the second fur is way better. The fur doesn't need to be long or anything because its for a short haired dog so tell me what you know from past expiriences.

Black Teddy Bear:

Black Cubby:

Thanks a bunch!

~Faux Paw Roo
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