March 11th, 2006

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sky blue shag

Hi! I'm currently working on a half-suit, and I can't seem to find any sky blue shag fur that isn't online. I refuse to get a credit card just to buy scrap fur online, so I was hoping that maybe someone here had some to spare. All I need are a few scraps to accent the caracal ear tips and the elbow tips. I'd be willing to you pay for them!

Also this is my first fursuit, and I'm not very good at 3D art, so if anyone would be willing to look at the head so far and offer advice, I'd really appreciate it. You can see what i've done here..

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hey guys!!!
i am curious as to what you guys fursuit work area(s) are like. and what you think is essental to a your working area, for working on fursuit/fursuit related stuff.

i'll show you mine, but you got to share your's to :)
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Mountain Dew husky fursuit!

Since the Fursuit community here is geared towards asking questions about construction of fursuits, does that also include the "planning and designing" questions that people want to ask also? I won't be constructing my own suit but instead I am having a famous fursuit maker make mine. But I'm running into a few snags about some design issues and how I want the suit to look and was wondering if I could ask my questions here and get opinions? Or should I rather go to the fursuitlounge?

EDIT: Ok, since Diadexxus commented below that I could ask my design questions here, then I'll go ahead and do that.
After a very long time, I am finally able to get my first fursuit. Yay! :) In short, I found out that I'm getting $1000 back in refunds from doing my taxes and I'm going to have Lacy make me a suit. The basic description is that of a white and dark green furred Alaskan Malamute husky. I chose this scheme to reflect the Mountain Dew drinking personality of not only my RL self, but of also my fursona. Let's use the following pic as an example for explaining some stuff in this post.,Alopex_AC2003_008.jpg

My suit will be sorta like what's shown in the above pic, but the black fur will be replaced by the following dark green fur that I found at JoAnns long ago:

There's just one major snag I'm having when designing the suit: I don't want the suit to be just dark green and white only. I also want to incorporate some light green and red colors into the suit since a Mt. Dew bottle/can has dark green, light green, and red also. I'm trying to find a balance of colors to use and hopefully offset the heavy abundance of dark green on the body and head areas. I don't want the suit to be just a two tone color scheme, but rather something more colorful that when viewed by other people will make them say "Cool! That's a really unique and colorful scheme.". So far, here's what I have planned:
1. Light green fur on the tips of the ears.
2. Eyes made with plastic bowls and light green chiffon for pupils.
3. Possibility of using a little light green fur or red fur on the top of the head to simulate some hair.
4. Possibility of using light green fur for the tip of the tail.
5. Dark green pawpads for the handpaws.
6. Claw color: This is a tough one. I can't decide between black, dark green, or bright/light green?

So you kinda see my dilemma, right? In a nutshell, I'm trying to use all three colors (dark green, light green, & red) that are found on a can of Dew for the suit.
For all those here that have made full suits, how do you find the right balance of colors to use for your suits? How do you know where to put the colors so that they will look just right on various areas and when viewed by other people?
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Well, I haven't been doing much suit work in the past couple of months because it's been so slow, but here's one thing I've been steadily working on lately and just got finished today. He's a random dog, slightly more toony than usual because I wanted to see if I could do it, and I think I like the style - not overly cartoony, but still friendly and full of character - least that's what I hope I managed to convey! A first for me, since I'm more used to heavy detail and lots of "faux airbrushing", but a lot of fun too. At the risk of sounding egotistical, I'm very happy with his eyes - I think I got them to "track" well, and they're very expressive.

I did my best to get model shots of him too, since I feel a suit like this is kinda wasted just sitting around on display - he begs to be worn! The lighting wasn't so good, but I think I managed in the end.

Mesh and foam based head, latex pawpads, the usual.

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