March 12th, 2006


Sewing Machine, Anyone?

First off.. thanks everyone for the comments on the last head. ^_^ Felines are definately my faves to work with.. especially Lion King themed ones, hee! And quite the challenge to make them look not TOO much like another LK character. I still have TWO more lions that I will be making in the future.. fun fun. And yes, that fur was pre-spotted.. it was some fur Sema liked and had sent to me to use. I think it worked. :)

And now.. is there anyone looking for a decent sewing machine? I have this one, brand new, unused, unopened. It's a replacement for one I bought a long time ago. I used the same one for years, it's a great sewing machine and I just wore my old one out with all the stuff I've made. Probably not for the HIGH volume fursuiters.. but definately a great beginner-intermediate machine. I've had no problems sewing through fur and even thicker vinyl when I sew pads onto feet bottoms.
Caleb and I were given an older sewing machine that didn't work.. but now that one's fixed, and is all nifty being electronic and capable of doing monograms, so I'm gonna start using that one. So I decided to offer my new one, with my word and apparent evidence that it's a good machine! As you can see it retails for $240.. I'll take $200 and no extra charge for shipping!


New to the community, and fursuiting.

Here's a link to my design.

So yeah, it's going to be a partial suit, with a moving jaw and 3D eyes hopefully.

I was just wondering if anyone had suggestions on how I should do the initial frame? I'll probably be using some sort of wire, or like chicken mesh stuff, but I'm not sure how much I would need to support the muzzle. Can it just be like, a loop of wire to build off of for the lower jaw?

Also, if I make the muzzle fairly hollow, would I be able to stick a fan in there?

Here's a concept drawing.

EDIT: I've also heard that the platic mesh can break down over time? Is this a longer period of time, say like, five years or so?

New question!

Well, I went and bought my buckrum n' fabric markers.. Now..

The next question I have would be..

Where do I find pictures of eyes, so I can get a basic idea? I figured someone might have already posted looking for the same thing. I have no artistic ability at all, so I need something to look at for reference.. Seriously I can't draw.. lol. I just need like rough ideas or what not.

So if anyone knows, it'd be a big help. ^.^

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Wolf Fursuit head Eye deahs :-P

Woof hey all been a very busy hound building a new full wolf suit anyone know of any good Fursuit head eye ideas ? let me know thanx i also any tips on atttaching an articulative jaw to a plastic mesh head frame ? any ideas will be useful woof thanx ^__^
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Studio Names

This isn't really about fursuits, but is kinda related, bear with me here.

I notice that a lot of costume designers and artists have Production or Studio names, what's the deal with this? Latin Vixen has Mixed Candy, Rose Quoll has Quadrupedal Jellybean (argh and I thought my website's name was hard to type out!), and there's a bunch of others out there that don't immediately come to mind.

What is the advantage of having a studio/production name? What does it take to have one, are there any requirements? Does it signify a business venture? And does it serve any purpose, other than to just sound cool?

I'm thinking about making one up for myself, perhaps to improve my exposure/reputation- what should I keep in mind when considering one? I consider fursuiting to be more of a business than something I do in my spare time- it's really fun to make things for people, especially when I get paid for it. Would making up a "studio name" be right for me?

If this isn't appropriate for this community, feel free to nuke it. It's just been on my mind for a long time.