March 14th, 2006


Fursuit Demographics

diadexxus and I were chatting about how many female fursuiters/fursuit builders are in the fandom, so as a result we decided to put together a fursuit demographics poll just to see the ratios and see how level (or unlevel) the feild really is. :3 there's also a few other questions, for curiosity's sake.

Poll #691080 Fursuit Demographics, please answer honestly.

Your physical gender.


Your age group.

Don't care to answer
Under age 18
18 to 25
26 to 35
36 or over

I own...

Just one finished costume
More than one finished costumes
Just one in-progress costume
More than one in-progress costumes
No costumes, just a spectator

How did you aquire your costume(s)?

I built my own costume(s)
I had someone build (commissioned) my costume(s)
I purchased my costume(s) (non-custom built or prebuilt)

My costume is a...

Full fursuit (full costume)
Half suit (head, paws, tail)
Not a "traditional" fursuit (makeup, spirit masks and/or special clothing)
Individual accessories (tail, ears or paws)

If you are interested in discussing this poll, bring your comments over to fursuitlounge :3
The entry for it is here:
Jax - Snarlyspikey by Seely!

New Puppysuit!

This tiiiiime, a border collie!

He was a full body commission, and overall I am pleased with the result. The commissioner wanted something similar to my Lawrence the Collie suit in design, so I based his build somewhat on how I made him, while still adding elements of the concept art that I was given. I tried a few new things with this one, like felt accents on the face (Which you can't really see in the pictures) and a hidden zipper down the back. Usually my zippers are along the chestpanel, but this suit doesn't technically have one.

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A question for those who make realistic heads with both upper and lower teeth. How do you make the jaw close completely? This has been bugging me theoretically for some time. I'll try to explain what I mean.

Okay, take a set of (closed) jaws and draw a straight horizontal line through the middle of the upper and lower jaw, between the upper and lower teeth.

If you fur all the way to this imaginary line, then the teeth would not be seen when the mouth is closed. However, when the mouth is open, the teeth would still be covered, and (excepting the canines) could really only be seen by peering into the mouth itself, making the whole point of realistic teeth somewhat moot.

But if you fur only to the gumline, the teeth would be exposed when open but also exposed when closed.

The animal model does not work in this case, because fursuits do not have moving lips to expose and hide the teeth.

Does that make sense? What is your solution to this?
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How am I doing?

Hello again! This is my third suit. Each time I try something new- this time, it's digitigrade legs.

This is a WIP picture of my latest bad idea, "Ixion". It will eventually be a unicorn. Hopefully. It's not meant to be anything like the Final Fantasy character, but the reference is intended.

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How do they look? One thing I was never happy with was the fact that I naturally have no butt. I tried adding butt padding, but it looks really stupid and isn't noticeable through all the fur. Does this look like an issue?

Man, next time I do a suit I have GOT to use a shorter pile fur. This stuff is really shaggy.

Second on my list of questions- I plan on adding LED's to this suit. Maybe. Where should they be located if I do add them? Any particular designs? I'll definitely have a bunch in the head.

Last- how should horse/unicorn/equine feet look? I'm seriously considering taking the lazy way out and just buying some of those really comfy looking "poofy" tennis shoes I've seen so often. What ARE they called, and where can I find/order them?

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions!