March 16th, 2006


Free stuff FTW!

This is, um.. mostly! On topic.. For your fursuit makers out there. I proffer FREE THINGS! I'm getting a graphics art portfolio together, and, well.. its' lacking. Alot. As in, alot of bulk ;) So, if anyone should like a banner ad, or a graphic, or a watermark(Watermarks must be added in photoshop or a similar program); please let me know! Leave your website address and I'll be happy to make one up for you(The end product will be posted in your personal LJ for your use).
..and..umm... ZOMG YOU WANT BANNERZ!


Griffin And Cat partial

ok here are some pictures of some partials i have done and theres a random tail in there too.
it my first time at making digi legs and they turned out ok.
I was also stapped fot time with the griffin so he only took about a week.

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Help with eyesIm tryi

ng to find the best way to do my eye on my suit. I found several good site but the photo links are broken. I was thinking the bowl eyes or something simular, not fabric mesh something with structure. Any help would be greatly appreciated.