March 17th, 2006

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Radical Rabbit-Semi Finished

It just occured to me that I never posted the finished pictures of my fursuit Radical Rabbit, that I wore to FWA
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I say pseduo finished because there is still more I want to do to it. For one I want to fix the fur along the neck, because I did sort of a hap hazard job throwing it together at the last minute. Also I want to fix the nose, which I am up for suggestions as to how I can do that.
And finally want to to use the bowl method or the Fun foam method for the eyes, which I am not sure which will look better.

Any suggestions or tips on how to improve Radical Rabbit are appercaited.

Thanks in advance


could anyone give me any advice on fibreglass? its again for the face-mask :)
i'm interested in casting into a negative mold, but its my first time, and any tips with how to use it and were to get it from would be really appreciated.

is this applicable for working over a sculpt?

would one of those 200ml fibreglass car repair kits be enough for the job?

i'm also trying to do this as cheaply as possible, it needs to be comfortable and fairly sturdy though...
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I have a Brother sewing machine and a pack of "Organ Needles".
They'll work in my machine, right? They look like sewing machine needles.

Also, how can I avoid needle breakage? Mine broke the other night in two places after feeding it only two thin pieces of elastic. Up until that point, it had been doin' fine.
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I have a slight problem. I'm making a fursuit head, which is going to be used next weekend, but I completely forgot about the nose until now. I have no access to an oven to cook any kind of sculpted nose. Does anyone have a suggestion on what I could use (even just temporarily) that would look decent?