March 19th, 2006


Made my first own fox tail

I finally got around to finishing my huge fox tail. Only problem though is I have a couple pictures of it being worn, just no place to put the pics so others can see. (that and I have to scan the photos in too) I've seen a number of people using photobucket but I have on idea what they are like. I'd look into it more myself but for one with out a net access of their own and little time to do much.. and only just hearing about them recently...

The tail turned out alright, or maybe I was expecting too much out of it. It'll swing but theres not too much flex in it. And when I mean big.. I mean BIG. *^_^* I'm hoping to use it as part of a suit of mine eventually. Hopefully it'll last till its done.

I don't suppose anyone could tell me where I could find fur that could simulate fox tail fur? (other than NFT) I simulated the fluffiness by reversing the pile on the shag red fur I used and allowing gravity to make it stand on end. Gave it a rather intresting fluffy effect, though does have a tendancy to lie flat against the backing if given half the chance. Ah well.

Cooling down

Ice packs

Yellow peeps

Heres a qustion - Wasnt sure if its really fursuit building related, but please remove if not!

Im heading for a Minishow in the summer time in the near future, last year, I didnt go suiting as the day was pretty damn hot! So, is there anything I can get from the internet like Cool vests, Cool collers within the UK? If not, how could I make one? As I cant fit a fan into my head, not ehough room... Any help is great!
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Radical Rabbit

So I got to work on Radical Rabbit this weekend. I fixed the eyes, trimmed the fur and generally did some touching up and this has been the result:

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I am not completely sastified with the result, but it is my first suit, so I think for my first try it looks pretty good. I'm open for suggestions on how I can improve it, fix the nose or what not.
Oh and if you are wondering yes the angry look is intentional She is radical after all.

I actually started work on my next suit which I think is going to be another bunny, and as I make it I am going to post pictures of the progress in the form of a tutorial for making fursuits for small muzzle creatures using the wire and plastic mesh method.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions and advice.

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just wondering if anyone has any balaclavas they could trade me for something?

I'd gladly trade art for one (or two) depending on what you deem worthy. or plushies.. or.. cd's... or something! :P

:D I've got a great plan for a new partial! (Plan coming up soon)