March 20th, 2006


Healing burns from the glue gun...

When you accidentally singe your finger, clean the skin and apply light pressure with the finger pads of your unmarred hand. Ice will relieve your pain more quickly, but since the natural method brings the burned skin back to a normal temperature, the skin is less likely to blister.

Delete if you'd like... But, I just thought I'd share this curious fact since I suffered a horrible burn on one of my fingers while foaming my head piece. Took three weeks to heal since it blistered terribly. :\ Never knew applying pressure would've prevented that.
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General Fursuit Question

I am a plus size female and wanting to finish up my full suit. The body is not done, and was curious what the best way would be to build my body I want to try and save alittle money and do it myself.

Patterns for animal body costumes are only a XL, and I am a 2-3X. I would do a duck tape dummy but I dont have the time, nor the extra hands to help...any suggestions?


Anyone have any REALLY nice tutorials for making a moveable jaw with mesh? Matrice's site isn't working for some reason and the pics in most of the memories don't work anymore. :/

I need it asap, links, pics, anything!!
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Hello, I just got on Live Journal

Hey all. Many of you know me already and some may not. I am Wildwolf, I have been building suits for over 12 years now. I love making costumes and performing in costumes. You have probably seen some of my works in the past and probably wonder who built the costume. I get that a lot. But I will start posting my works on here and in my live journal account 'wildwolf4paws'
Here is an example of a costume I built for Brokken. It was a costume trade commission. Brokken named him Grynn. I had fun building this one. All the stripes are sewn on. I did a lot of hand sewing. Brokken added a couple of things to it like whiskers, airbrushing, new eyebrows, fur trimming and some padding to chest and legs. I loved how this costume came out, that I want to build one for myself now. I already started to carve the head. So keep an eye out for his younger brother in the future. Now I need to come up with a name for him.