March 21st, 2006


Blast from the past, Gary the Rat

Here is a Gary the Rat suit I built. He does not come out that much at cons anymore. But it is another costume I enjoyed making, because it is always challenging to build a fan costume based off a TV show or movie. I will also admit, to get the long neck effect, I had to make the viewing area the nose. So the visibility is not the best. But I was happy with the final product.

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Designing paws for functionality

Hello again! As an avid bowler, and a relatively new fursuiter, one of my favorite activities is fursuit bowling... especially since I'm so good at it. Link to my journal entry! On Saturday, I bowled 170-158-173 for a 501 series with my draccoon, Rococo Tek. After bragging about it a bit (grin), I felt like I should share some helpful tips on how to do something like that.

Fleece Paws- maybe it's cheating a bit, but instead of regular poofy paws with poor motor capabilities, I designed these paws to fit like a glove. It's a single layer of fleece in a 3-finger arrangement. Since gripping the ball isn't an option at all, I simply use the two finger holes on a house ball. Making the paws out of fleece allows me to get my fingers in the holes just enough to be effective.
Basic image of the handpaws. They are supposed to be dragon-like paws. The lack of claws allows me to accomplish all sorts of tasks like opening Gatorade by myself, using my camera, all sorts of stuff. It may detract from the character a bit, but the extra independence is worth it for informal gatherings like this.

I'm sure I could do the same thing in my fennec suit, which has fuzzier paws. They are just as fitted as the fleece, but the extra bulk to the fur might actually fit my hands fit into larger hole sizes. However, I have no experience with reeeeally bulky paws. I'm pretty sure that some XL-hole 14+ lb. balls may be able to accomodate any fursuit hands.

So back on my little ego trip (grin), can anyone top my scores for bowling in a full suit? Partials might as well count too; the biggest handicap is in the hands. Maybe I'm the only one crazy enough to do this stuff. One day I hope to break 200 in suit. I get closer every time I try! (I hope this was on topic enough...)
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Building a Body Suit... Trouble?

Has anyone used thin fabric and made a body suit successfully out of it? I'm planning to work on two fursuits based off of the "World of Warfcraft" druid feline forms (if that makes sense... Here's a link though, my friends are Night Elves, so they look like the one on the left: [click])...

The point is, I bought this type of fur and it is quite thin: [click]. The fabric underneath the fur is roughly one-fourth of a centimeter thick. Is that okay, thickness-wise? Should I consider backing it with another fabric? If so, which would be a good, sturdy (non-itchy) material?

P.S. Sorry, that was rude of me... Making posts and all... *Waves,* Hello all! I'm Milorien (a.k.a. Milo). There's not much about me on my profile page, but I'm new to the fursuiting scene and glad to know that there are others who care for a furry persona. :)
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foot hoof idea

what do you guys think?
ve been thinking on how to do hindhooves(feet) for my suit and I think Ive come up with an idea. I took the back legs of the plushing and split them each down the back. Inside the hoof part I glued in plastic mesh to make it more ridged. Lauren left a pair of midcalf boots when she left and I think I can glue the legs onto the front of the boot. As far as the space along the back I think adding in longer faux fur will hide the back part of the boot very nicely.. It will give it a more drafthorse look but thats ok as the suit isnt exactly to my fursona anyway. It will have neat character due to one hoof being black and one white.

Larger image in my LJ
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ahoy there, i'm new to this community, and i humbly present my almost done fox partial for feed-back. i say almost done because i haven't done a few finishing touches like picking fur out of the seams, gluing the claws in (they're a little crooked right now), adding some elastic at the top of the arms (and trimming them to size(i have tiny arms) but i'd like to know what you think, and what you think is a fair price? i've asked $95, $100 if they want me to add paw-pads (i kinda like it without 'em) thanks!
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I haven't posted in a while, but I thought I should show off my most recent completed suit. This is Neo, for...well, Neo! I love how the suit came out. She's a Cheetah/Direwolf Cross.

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I'll have two more partials to show off in the next two weeks or so before I love, and then a TONNE more before Anthrocon. If anyone is interested, I am open for some commission for partial suits (full suits only at special request) for the end of the year (after Eurofurence).

A quick question...

I want a tail made for my character Wayah but I want to know how difficult it would be to pull something like this off. My tail is grey with a white tip. Here is the complex part. I want my tail to just stand out so... here is what I am dreaming up. I want to have either fibre optic lighting imbedded into the fur or some other hideable light source, LED, perhaps. But, I also want the tail lights to flash to the beat of the music. So, how hard is this to accomplish? How expensive will it run?
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Evil Wildwolf with wings

Here is a pic of my Megaplex themed Wildwolf demon costume. I was told he was still cute, even with the meaner look. Of course I will change him back to cute and innocent Wildwolf again. I built the wings for the costume as well and added eyebrows and large teeth.


Since my fursona is a tiger and since I'd really like to make a tigersuit for myself sometime, I have been thinking of how to make one. Though everytime there's one thing that keeps bugging me a bit. Namely, the tigerstripes. There are more ways than one to get tigerstripes, but each of them got advantages and disadvantages comparing to the other ways.

I basicly came down to three ways of getting tigerstripes that I think are good enough to try, but since I have got no experience in making full body fursuits, yet, I'd like to hear people thir opinions/experiences/ideas about this.

Here are the three ways that I see as possible ways to get tigerstripes:
1. Getting fur that already has (tiger)stripes on it.
There's not fuzz with getting stripes on the fur here, cause they're already on it. Though you have to be careful not to get the lines in a wrong direction when cutting out the different patterns and sewing them together..
Also, one thing that's rather bugging me about the lines is that when you would have a seam across the middle of your back, for the zipper or something, the tigerstripes won't line up with eachother?

2. Using an airbrush to apply the stripes to the fur.
I think this would be the second easiest idea to use. Making a fursuit with just orange (and the other colours of) fur. Though also has its disadvantages, at least according to me.
There's little room to make an error, or would you still be able to take the paint off seconds after spraying? And how would it be with the durability of the paint? I mean, would it stay on, or does that depend on the sort of fur you are using?

3. Sewing stripes into/on the orange fur.
Ok, this really is a dark area for me, so I'll stick to the 'safe' side and just give my thoughts about it. This could be done, though I think that it can take quite a bit of work, and needs to be done very precise, right?
You cut out the stripe from the orange fur and then handsew the black stripe of exactly the right size back into the orange fur?

I'm sorry if this post is a little bit confusing.. Really, typing it was just as confusing for me. But those were the three techniques I came up with. Does anyone have experience with or ideas about either of these three techniques, or would like to add other techniques, then please do so.

This tiger would really appreciate that. ^^

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Made a husky tail today as a small break from my regular commission work, I really like it! It's soft and floofy and luffly, I just wish I could get more of the grey fur, it's the most lovely and soft long fur I've ever seen, with those gorgoue white guard hairs giving it a forsty look. It'd make the PERFECT husky or english sheepdog, anything silvery. If anyone knows where I can get my hands on something like it even, I'd really appreciate the tip!


Anyway, it's rent time and I'm short, so it's up for sale on FurBid.

Ooh! before I forget as well, I'm still on the lookout for high quality snow leopard fur. Over here all the printed fur is that horrible toy fur stuff, and I know it exists! Someone said that Joann's (we don't have them here in Oz) had some nice snow leopard stuff, but I never got in contact. Anyway, I'd love some help!

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Looking For Fur

So I'm thinking about making a Weed costume from the anime Ginga Densetsu Weed to cosplay as at Anime Expo this July in Anaheim, California ^_^

That's him. Now, does anyone have any good resources for some really nice light blue fur like that? Preferrably around a medium pile, because it isn't a very scruffy costume. I can find some white anywhere, but the blue will make the costume.

Speaking of which, is anyone else in the community going to AX this year? :D
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