March 22nd, 2006

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Khann's Paws and Tail done!

I finally finished my latest commission for shaggy_griffon, a tail and foot paws for Khann, a dragon character.

Click me for the construction gallery

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I think I really improved on the toes, but I think they'd look better if I moved the outer two forward more. As for the rest of the legging, I used elastic for the support, which turned out pretty good. The proportions seem a bit off, but the problem is probably due to the toes' location. How does it look?

This school nonsense is taking up too much of my time. I'd like to finish my Ixion (unicorn) suit, complete my fursuiting website, and continue building my fox hat and tail supply for MFF. Argh!

Heads and glasses?

Ok, I've been searching the net for the past few weeks for different methods of making heads :3 I really like the balaclava and foam method but there's one problem. I wear glasses, and I don't know how I could get a balaclava and eyes to fit over them and not bulge funny, or damage my glasses. should I put foam on the forehead and make the eyes and face stick out further? or just use a different method? I really don't want to use all foam, because it looks like it would be hot and heavy, and I don't really understand the plastic mesh at all.

also, has anyone ever made footpaws that go over shoes without having to actually be glued to shoes? o_o; my friend wanted some, but then she changed her mind, but I still would like to know if anyone's done it. :3