March 23rd, 2006

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Sorry for posting yet again, hehe...
I have an odd question. Is there anyway for a suit to give the illusion of being thinner than you really are?

I'm not huge or anything, I'm rather petite, but I am chubby. I want to give the illusion of being tall and thin without doing stuff like having the head mounted on top of mine and seeing out of the neck.
Stilts *might* be an option, but I dunno.

I just want your feedback. Any ideas will help at this point, since this suit will probably be in the distant future.
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Kelekia's Wolf (head piece finished)

Hello all! Just thought I'd share my friend's wolf head piece that I was able to finish the other night as my second fursuit head attempt. It still needs an official 'Nevadan desert' name, some paws, a new tail, possible feetpaws, and other cosmetic details (teeth, gum lining, actual eyes and brows) for partial suit status, but I'll work on those later. Please tell me what ya think. :) I'd really appreciate it.


...Not sure if I should be sharing this here or in the "honestfurcrits" or "the lounge", or what not.(?)

Oh, and as soon as I get this partial finished, I'll be sure to edit and add some more links either here or in my own LJ, or on my devArt site since Kelekia has an actual 'pack' sweatshirt she bought to go with it. :]
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