March 24th, 2006

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question for molders and casters

Hey there,

I know I ahve thought about this in the past, I can't recall if I ahve asked. If this is not new, I'm sorry.

I am casting in cold foam with a layer of latex to skin my masks, and protect my molds.

My current molds are made out of a plaster called Ultra-cal 30.

I am using your slip cast latex.

I'm thinking about remaking my molds in a two part resin (Quick cast or something similar with a longer pot life.). A friend cautioned me that the latex would not cure on anything that wasn't plaster. Is this true? If I can use the latex with the resin, I will be able to make more durable (I think!) and lighter molds.

I just tested overnight by dipping the end of a claw in the latex, and it cured just fine. My only concern is the inside and deep cervases of a mask. Will it still cure then?

Do you think that this will work?

Thank you for your time,
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desert cat WIP

My first real critter with taxidermy style eyes. Loosly based on serval cats. A prototype of sorts for my next personal suit (it will be similar to my avatar).

A work-in-progress. I have to add whiskers, airbrush details, add more spots, trim some stuff, add a neck piece, and the back of the head is not sewed (I just ductaped it together at the back for the pics, can be seen in one or two.)

I am looking for feedback before I finish it totally. Let me know what you think.

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