March 25th, 2006



iv really been wanting to finish my fursuit head,but kinda stuck cuz i wanted to do the eyes before i started furing more. I hear people talk about using "bowls" an stuff for eyes with see thur stuff, i cant seem to find much in the near by stores. maybe im just not looking for the right stuff.

could sure use some help on finding the right stuff,an how to add them to my head ^.^

(under the cut pics in my DA page in scraps

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I want to make a pair of ears, but I want to make them machine washable (I want to put them on a hoodie). What exactly would I make them out of, and how would I go about washing them properly?
hauntedhomo, mat

Found Objects?? >

I wanna make my first suit!! @_@ but i am hella poor. I do have fur, but i do not have foam, or a ninja mask (lol, i like to call them that) or any exerience. Pretty much the only things i do have is fur, and crap shoes to make my feetpaws with. Is there a specific type of foam i have to use? How do i fur my head once i've got it the right shape? how do you hold the eyes in place? What kind of eyes have the best range of sight? (i have glasses! D: )

the character i want to make looka lika this:
except not so high-looking, lol
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Broke my self-imposed rule of not buying fur that I don't have a set use for... it's just that I met some people and was already so close to the fabric store that it couldn't hurt to look... of course then I simply *connot* enter a fabric store without buying *something* LOL

Anyhow. Bought a seal fur (I am a sucker for seal fur) with black base and white/silver tips. As so:

Any ideas of what to do with it? I have some thoughts, but I'm always up for more. Any picts of suits made with it? I am thinking of pairing it with black seal fur.

I also have another seal fur with a light blue/grey undercoat and white tips. But they are almost too similar/disimilar in colour to use together.

Blow Your Bugle Baby!

An interesting proposal was brought to me recently, that being, a suit equipped to play brass instruments. Specifically the flugelhorn (similar to the trumpet and cornet). I'm very interested in trying to pull this off, but a variety of problems naturally occur.

In most suits, the actual suiter's lips are set back a decent ways from the lips of the fursuit head. Given that, the first problem I have to overcome is how do I make it look like the instrument is being played as opposed to eaten? I was thinking if there was some way to extend the instruments mouthpiece, but naturally that would effect the tone and pitch. I keep comming up with ideas and keep shooting them down, so I was wondering if the knowledgeable community here had any ideas?

The second obstacle lies in the paws. It takes a great deal of dexterity and hand articulation to play notes on a valved instrument, and paws often remove a lot of dexterity. I considered doing skin-tight paws made out of that latex-like material (forgot what it was called), but personally I'm not a fan of how those look and they're just not too furry. The best method I came up with was to combine a furred sleeve with some tight gloves, so only the palm and fingers themselves were un-furred, but I have my doubts as to how well that would look when completed. Any thoughts yourselves?

If anything like this has been done before, which I suspect it may have, I'd also be very greatful if anyone could direct me to some pictures or even the crafter themselves.

Thank's much!

-Ciao, Fritzy
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Gryphon Head!

I just finished another head, this time a Gryphon! I bought a yard of that feather fur in pink/gray, and finally decided to do something with it. This was also my second attempt at plastic bowl eyes.

Imageshack is being all funky on me, so I'll have to post a link...

He's up on ebay now for $50.

What do you think?
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