March 26th, 2006

Color fading?

If this topic doesn't belong in this community, then sorry. I wasn't sure where to post it.

I've got about 5 yards of a very nice and dense dark green fur at home that I'll be shipping to a fursuit maker soon to have a suit constructed. Right now, the fur is spread out and laying over my couch in the living room to sorta get the wrinkles, folds, and creases out if possible. There's only one slight problem: The couch sits in front of the south window of my apartment and even with the drapes closed, there's still a lot of light that manages to come through. Can fur be discolored if it's sitting in one spot for too long where sunlight can get at it? I have no other place to drape the fur or hang it. I hope to ship the fur soon before the end of April.
Here is an old pic of the fur I have that I bought months ago:
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Hooves are done. Not bad for my 1st try.

Made with the hind legs of the plushie I started with, midcalf suade boots and long fur and well... glue
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And now for my spur-of-the-moment project.. :D FERRET!

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I have been wanting to make one sooo bad since I got my pet ferret earlier this year. Sorta modeled it after her too. Didn't want it to be bold and toony, so I made it semi-realistic with a bit of airbrushing (ears, top of head, nose and inside mouth). Used those wonderful plastic mesh balls for the eyes, the same ones I used in my lynx (inverted for the 3-D 'follow you' effect there).. giving it excellent vision from the inside. Oh, and this one is built strictly from foam (yet still not a very big head!), using the 'toaster cover' method, as stickypawz' technique continues to inspire me. Though I've learned that both that and using a balaclava have their own pros and cons.
Still not sure exactly what I'm going to do with it.. will definately make some paws and a tail. I really wanted to have a head done to put for auction in the Art Show at this upcoming AC, so that's probably where this one will go! (unless someone wants to make an offer ;)

And just one more thing..

..Truffle, the gorgeous model herself, sleeping in her favorite spot outside her cage. ^_^
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Alright, my sewing machine broke and i need good quality handpaws somewhat cheap. Is there anyone who could make me a pair of black handpaws with 5 fingers, pawpads and claws around or below $40? I would be able to send the fur and some cool thin pleather material if needed. Also if you'd rather sell for around $50 would there be anything i could give you to bring the price down? I have about a yard and a half of nice shag white fur, 2-3 yeards of a blue merle color fur, plushies, Art to trade whatever. If you're intirested the best way to contact me is email.


While taking picts of my desert cat a few days ago, I snapped a few of a foxish head I made a while back.

This was my attempt at 'simple' and 'toony'. The nose is felt, the majority of the construction is foam, and vision with with ones own eyes. No painted details, whiskers, etc.

Normally, the human's face/eyes would be blacked out with balaclava/face paint but I had neither time nor inclination as far as a few quick pictures went.

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My Dad made a Fursuit Head! XD

Well, my dad decided to go out and buy some suiting materials and he made a fursuit head, which is a wolf (Although it looks more like Wile E. Coyote!)!

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He's still not sure what he wants to do with it.

Any tips, critique, suggestions?
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Faux Fur for the Cougar =^^=

I'm planning on redoing my fursuit soon, she had some design changes.
I wanted to know what type of fur you guys use on your suits and what type you recomed me to use(Links would be helpful) And I want to know if they have the fur in her colors; tan/gold/golden-tan, dark brown, cream. The tan and brown should be the same length. I will be making her as a fullsuit, so nothing cheap that will rip. ^^; Thanks for reading!
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