March 27th, 2006



Does anyone have any pics of  this fur in action? Or can anyone tell me if Cr's fur is generally the same color in real life as it is on their website? I'd order swatches but I'm afraid I'd get them too late for what I need the fur for.

And on a long shot....

....anyone know an online source for good quality, short/medium pile fur in a deer-ish color? Like a light, warm brown. I've been searching but I can't find anything I'm satisfied with.

Thank you :)


ok, i would like to know popular opinion concerning wigs. Oniyaneko says i should sew it on after furring, but what does everyfur else think? should i attach it before or after i fur the head?
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I just finished a dragon head for Taren, and I'm rather proud of it so I'm going to show it off here. Muha!
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Ok, crappy photos but I'm still proud of the head :)
Covering a head in fleece is not easy o..0

Latex casting?

I've seen people making pawpads, hands and feet out of latex, and I'd like to try casting my own sometime. Can anyone point me towards a good online tutorial, preferably with lots of pictures? All the ones I've found so far have been pretty vague.

Help please :)

This might not be the place to do this, if so, my appologies and could someone please point me in the right direction before deleting :)

Ok, I plan on taking a partial suit to Reading Festival (as in bands, not books :P) - and festivals being as they are, very muddy, i know the chances of the suit surviving without a scratch is very low.

This being the case, i am looking for a partial suit that is rather cheap (no more than £50 [$80 - ish] including the P&P) and i know the chances of me finding one, that also looks reasonably good quality, at that price is even more unlikely than it surviving the festival, hense why i'm asking here for any help, advice or offers...

so if anyone does have and help, advice or offers, please let me know :)

PS: Considering comminssion prices - i'm talking more second-hand...

BTW - i'm only looking for a head piece and hand paws really. Feet paws are a definate no at this place (unless designed for this kinda thing, but i'm sure that would cost lots) and a tail would be a kool addition, but not completely necessary as i'm sure it would attract more hassel than it's worth :P

I'm not bothered about the species (as if i'd could affored to be picky over this - heheh) but the type of head piece is important since i need it to be a snug fit so it doesn't fly off (or be stolen) while in amongst the crowds [i also intend on getting in a mosh pit while suited up ^^ - lol]

oh, and the longer the arm length of the paws are, the better (shoulder length would be a real bonus)

and i think that's all. So once again, any advice or offers, please let me know :)

Jay out...

^.^ - meep!
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Revamped Wile E. Coyote on Crack!

I took mix_hyenataur's advice and I changed some things on my dad's head. Me and my dad made new eyes(out of foamies, sealed with a glaze.), added eyebrows, fixed the lazy ear, and we glazed the nose. We also shaved the fur all around a little bit so it's not so hairy.

What do you think?