March 29th, 2006


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I'm looking for a good place to find a leather studded collar, but I'm looking for something oversized. Is there somewhere I can buy or get one of these made? (Also, I want to be able to put a tag or two on it.)


I have found an animal supply website (stuff like collars, balls, and stuff like that) which might be of some use to anyone who is interested. (Thank you to anyone who has responded).

It can be found about Morrco Pet Supply However, if you are looking for something larger than 26 inches, you may be out of luck.

Another quick question

I don't know if this is inappropriate to ask here, please feel free to delete it if it is. I've been looking for a fursona sketch, but I can't seem to find someone who is willing to do it for free (I have no money, none at all). Would anyone be willing to provide artistic expertise for no pay?

Moonlight Flower

I just recently moved down to northern VA missing Katsucon by a few weeks :-P I've never actually been to an anime con but I'd love to do some cosplay there and being a big Ragnarok Online fan and a furry I really want to make a Moonlight Flower costume:
Game Sprite
Ingame Card Art

Last night I posted to an LJ RO community that I wanted to make this costume and a few people freaked out about the nakedness of the character ^.^ I informed them that I would not actually be mostly nude but instead wearing some kind of tight fitting skin colored unitard to make it look like I am. Anyone know where I can get/order a good cheap skin like unitard? 
Also I'm looking for any ideas anyone might have for making the large bell prop! It will have to be pretty big to make it in proportion to myself the way it is to the character, I'm thinking foam but then I'm not sure how I'll color it.  Any ideas?
hauntedhomo, mat

Ninja Mask

alright, alright, i think i'm gonna have to actually buy something fer this head >.>

does anyone have a spare balaclava i can have/buy?? it would prolly be easier for me to buy one from someone here, seeing as i don't have a credit card or ebay account or anything xD

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Resin Question!

Well, I've been planning my next personal suit, which is going to be Galian Beast. I decided on him cause its an anime convention thing, but Old FFVII Galian style, not the new one. Enough on that, I've been researching about making Resin Horns as trying to make horns out of Stryofoam isn't going to work for this project. Does anyone know any really good Tutorials online that I could possibly use? I've made a few trips to the library already and I think that Resin would be the best choice for the horns. Does anyone have any helpful tips and any don'ts that I should know about? And can anyone suggest a particular type or brand of resin? I really appreciate the help!

Thanks Muchlies!

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Looking for ref pics

Im looking for some good pics of the werewolves from the movie Van wanting to make a head design based on them,but I cant seem to find any really good ref pics....can anyone help?

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Help from ppl in LA...

I'm looking for a very specific fur that I really really need and can't get anymore from the manufacturer. (unless I want to order 10 meters) ;P

It's one of the French furs.. and I know some of those fabric places in LA get the French furs in occasionally. This one is actually a very dark brown with light peachish/tan tips, a bit longer than cubby and pretty soft. Pleeeaaase, if anyone's seen anything like it I NEED it. :(
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