March 31st, 2006


more head n pics

worked on my head somemore, started furring an added some temp. eyes cuz its all the material i have at the time an i could find. an im not sure what to with the inside of the mouth and nose.

any ideas or help would be loved at this point lol
my work area....aka my floor
just a pic of the pretty purple fur i got today, in the sun the long hairs look blue its kinda cool ^.^ i found a Joann fabrics today that sold a TON of fake fur......soo awesome i wanted like everything lol ^.^

not sure what to do it with,it was just on sale so i got a yard, maybe if someone wanted a tail or ears or something i can do commissons i guess
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Looking for Fur

I'm looking for a particular fabric that I've only seen on furry pillows from Wal-Mart, of which I just purchased the last one on clearance. It's the perfect fur for a coyote suit. If I can't find it, I may resort to skinning this pillow, which may yield pelt enough for a head.


Fursuit Padding?

I'm working on a design for a fursuit, and have come acroos something that kind of stumped me. The character I'm doing is kinda chubby, he has a big tummy (I think that rhymed XD). What would be the best way to do the padding? Also, would I be able to do a padded tummy without using an undersuit?

The character I'm doing is the Cookie Monster. XD Also thinking of doing Oscar the Grouch. Me and my friend plan on wearing them to school and ordering 10 cookies from the lunch cart. XD!

Also, does anyone know where I an get some shaggy medium pile blue/royal blue fur? I was expecting to have it, but they don't.
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