April 2nd, 2006


Fursuit Pics!!!!

I finally went fursuiting for the first time at a convention! Was lots of fun! I just picked my favorite pictures since there were a ton of them.. mostly me just standing around or sitting around so I picked ones where I'm actually DOING something. We maned wolves are lazy. :)

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There will be more as soon as the MegaPlex site is updated. I got some professional shots of my fursuit too.
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Stupid Question =3

For those who have long hair, how do you hide it when you put your fursuit head on? My hair goes past my shoulders, and still sticks out even with fur hanging down to cover my neck...
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poofy/puffy paws

How do you folks who make/sell/buy puffy fursuit paws keep the puffyness in the fingers?

Are the fingers stuffed with foam or polyfil? If so, is there an inner glove to keep your fingers away from this stuffing material?

Or are they stuffed with nothing and it's actually the pattern of the material that keeps the shape?
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Super Stop & Shop

This is my first "outting" with the fursuit I made. My friend Nicole and I held a belated surprise birthday party for the brown haired girl in the grey blazer, Colleen. It was Alice In Wonderland tea party themed, I was the Cheshire Cat.

We decided to walk down to Super Stop & Shop cause we were bored. I obviously went in costume.

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