April 4th, 2006


first tail

welp i just finished Paws's tail. took me about 2 hours from start to finish.Didnt come out the way i wanted. I wanted it kinda curld at the end like a husky tail,but i tried adding a wire but it didnt work out.so i just filled it an added some fabric to attact to my belt. Might sell this if anyone wants it. Or id be willing to trade someone that can make the kinda tail im lookin for ^.^

ideas an crits welcome
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homer juhu ani

Fursuit head

tanidareal an i were working hard on our fursuits the last weeks.
Today i nearly finished the head........i just have to trim it a little more and the eyes are not glued in jet.
Take a look at Tanis LJ for her beautiful result too.

So here is the result:

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hairy eyeball

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Hi! New member. I just started working on a fursuit - er, 'feathersuit'?

The beginning of my crow mask – wire mesh beak (you can't see here, but it's sort of angular and twisted) and papier-mâché head (done over a balloon). The eyes are cut to the size of a pair of sunglass lenses that I have.

Next: paint beak & inside, spray with sealant, bulk up above the eyes, put padding or something inside so it stays on when worn.
schnolf wag

Savoy head

nachtfuchs and I continued working on our fursuit heads -
Savoy and the black one (who still needs a name! *poke*). ;)

I still wanna fix some little details on the eyes, but all in all, I'd say it's nearly finished.
So here are the pictures of Savoy's head. ^^

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More WIP photos (foam, furring, eyes, paws, etc.) you can find [here].

Be aware of her furry light blue hair on her head! ;P It's SOFT.

Also check out Nighty's LJ for his photos. :)
We're planning to have the suits finished until beginning of next month (for MMC).
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coffee cat

swishy tails

so i've been working on this dragon partial, and trying to use a chain base to give the tail some sort of reptillian swish. i used foam pipe insulator around it, but it didn't swing quite as much as i'd hoped, so i cut some notches all down the top of it to give it some more movement and that is working great so far, the trick for this one is getting the right shape, i want it to be thicker at the base like a reptile tail, but i've heard stuffing will just stop all movement of the chain, so i thought maybe a particulate stuffing would work?

here's a pc paint diagram of my plans for construction:

has anybody ever tried something like this and if so did you have any success? any other suggestions on how to get this effect?
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:o as far as foam for heads and feet, can any type be used? I got a roll of some very soft foam ( I think from a bed or couch or something ) for free, so I took it hoping I'd be able to use it for /something/. But i'd really like to know if I can use it for making a head. Has anyone else used anything like this? I'm trying to figure out if it would even support fur, or if it would just sort of fold up under the weight.

:3 as for something a bit more interesting, I come bearing pictures of my first paws and ears ( I really dunno if this is the place for this stuff, sorry ;o; if it isn't, I'll delete it! ):

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fake suede

Usually when I buy fur, it has this fake suede stuff on the back. I just rip it off so I can use the fur.

Any suggestions on what to use this stuff for? I have almost as much of it as I have fur.

It's just a thin non-stretchy material. Some feels pretty soft, other ones are more like thin pleather. I tried paw pads, but the soft fake suede really picked up the dirt, and it's too thin to look right. I tried on noses too, but I was unimpressed and the colours are wrong anyways.

I know other folks here get fur like this. What do you do with this extra stuff? My only idea now is to use it to line other things, like handpaws.