April 5th, 2006


Foam Armature

For a recent project I've been doing, I've created a foam armature for a roo tail. I absoloutly love the way its coming out, its got an amazing swing to it, its light, and fits awesomely.

But I have a question... Anyone know how to create a pattern for the fur? I was considering taping it, and making the pattern off the cut out tape.. has anyone tried this before?

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Oh, and just a reminder.. I've seen tons of requests for fursuit item trades lately, and I thought I'd make a little reminder to say you'll probably have better luck getting replies at fursuit_trades

Anyways, input is great! Please help! <3

Looking for some tubing...

All right, I'm looking for some sponge rubber tubing. I have seen the foam rubber stuff(Sort of like Pool Noodles), but that is not what I'm looking for. What I am looking for is soft squishy foam type stuff with a slight rubber coating on the outside. Somewhat obvious that I want to use it to make a tail. I cannot seem to find the stuff anyplace, I'm almost sure that I have seen it used by someone before in their tail making, but If anyone knows where to get it I would be very appreciative.
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Tail for a commission?

Hi guys,

I'm looking desperatly for a place that sells tails, good quality ones however, for reasonably cheap. And I can't seem to find any. If any one on here makes tails, would you be willing to trade one for a full colour traditional (or digital) comission by me? http://wingedwolf2004.deviantart.com

I need a wolf tail, all grey with black tip, medium to longish fur. Belts etc aren't nessecary. And I need it asap, if thats possible. Hope I can work somwething out....
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Curious about everyone's preferences on fursuit zipper placement and concealment. Going over the options, I've pretty well decided to put the zipper on my next suit on the edge of the belly panel.

But I am always intersted in other opinions (such as on suits with no belly panels) and I admittedly have zero experience with long term suit wearing. How do you prefer it?

on front? on back? in long fur? (does it not get tangled?) knee to knee across the crotch? (I can see great benefits to this one) under arm? across shoulders? with velcro? snaps? with an extra panel of fur to conceal it? something else?