April 7th, 2006

Alternative to Distinctive Fabrics

Hi all,

I've got a tricky commission on my hands. Customer requires a particular fur which I have only been able to find at Distinctive Fabrics so far. It's the 'Grey Wolf' fabric.

Difficulty comes in that DF won't ship to the UK!

Anyone know of somewhere else I can get this particular fur that will ship to the UK? Or any other solutions?

I would be happy to buy a meter or two off someone if they have it going spare.
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hey all!

here is my lastest project. tis a Dragongo ! ( at least i think thats what she is calling it EDIT: it's right now XD thanks rose)

this is my half of a trade with Rose Quoll. basicly she told me to make a dragon with Bongo coloring, and this is what i came up with!

oh! btw not sure if i have posted this before but i now have a website! and i am taking commissions, just nothing before AC.

http://midori.furry-tales.com/ my website!

and all pictures under cut, beware dialupers! there is like 8-10 pictures under here.

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