April 8th, 2006

Wulf - ICU

Where can I find Pink Fur?

I was wondering if any of you know a place where I can buy Pink Fur. I would like to get a light pink fur that is'nt too short. I can really find one.. Here is one that I found but I want to know if they are any other places where I can get Pink Fur.

Please direct link a link that has pink fur, Thank you ^_^

-->> RolePlayWulf

Fursuit Foam head in the process

Yup, Ive finally got the time to actually start on my Gin Fox Fursuit! Im working on a foam head at the moment and so far, its coming out how I want it. I have to carve it down to make it smaller.
I only have the base of the head done and Im going to do the detailing on the foam tommarow. Here is a image for you.

Feel free to give me suggestions if you like before I do the final detailing. Thanks for viewing.
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I've been making slow progress on my head. I'm taking my time and as much as I'd love to work on it a lot, I have RL thesis and work for my final year in college. :)

But here's where I've gotten so far. I'm thinking of changing the character, though, and since it's in the early stages of facial 'modeling' I can still do that. The face itself is pretty generic.

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Foaming done.

It's going to be a Canada goose, by the way.

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Foam holds its shape after you put the fur on and doesn't get any tighter, correct? I've always assumed this, but this is my first time trying this method and I'm not sure. Also, I plan to tooldip the beak - if I can get my paws on the darn stuff. Does it have to be *perfectly* smooth to avoid any nasty bumps, or just pretty smooth?
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aztec head

Distinctive Fabric?

Does anyone have a yard or so of Distinctive Fabric's white solid long hair fur AND/OR white solid short fur that I can buy off of them? I have swatches of these two, and really like the quality & look, however they have been out of the short white fur for a while and shipping is almost $9 for one yard of the long white fur. :{

Either that, or does someone know somewhere that sells identical fabric? I guess I'm not as particular about the short fur, since it's ... just short white fur. I know I don't want Mendel's and I'm waiting on swatches from CR's to come in the mail.
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hairy eyeball

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Nuts. I wish I had the time and the money to work on my mask properly. And it’s been a 'learning experience'; I'm already thinking of all sorts of things I'm going to do differently next time. Anyway: Here's the work in progress.

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